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3 Benefits Of Being In A Long Distance Relationship In Your 20s

3 benefits of being in a long distance relationship

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Long-distance relationships are not for those who are uncommitted or cynical. If you have ever been in a long-distance relationship than you know how hard it is to be away from the person you love! Nonetheless, long-distance relationships also challenge and enable you to grow and experience the world through a new perspective, which is essential to navigating your 20s. With that, these are the 3 benefits of being in a long-distance relationship in your 20s.



3 benefits of being in a long distance relationship



1. You can take more time to invest in yourself 



This was probably the biggest benefit for me, personally. Throughout my experience of a long-distance with my boyfriend, Marlin, I realized that long-distance relationships allow you to reconcile two often challenging desires: freedom and intimacy. You have the support and love of a dedicated partner as well as the freedom and independence to spend your days however you’d like. As someone who is very independent and lives for my free-time and time to disconnect from others, I found this to be beneficial for me!

Therefore, rather than regretting the time spent away from your loved one, consider it an opportunity to invest in yourself. Focus on growing your career, finishing school, personal development, and even your overall health and wellness! Because we know how tough it can be to stay committed to our health and fitness when first dating someone! With that, learn to cook healthy meals to take care of your body and find a workout you love at your local gym. Also, dedicate time to the friends and family members present in your life because those relationships are just as important.

All in all, take advantage of the time apart to create the life you want! This way, you can still live your life and have your freedom while having a passionate and loving relationship with your partner!



2. You learn to truly appreciate the time spent together 



While Marlin was away in New York for the summer, and while he’s away at college right now, we made/make sure to enjoy every little moment we were able to get with each other. But of course, there are going to be times where you feel overwhelmed with the entire situation. You and your partner are likely to experience major life changes as you figure out what you want in life as you transition from school to work, a new apartment/house, and so on. It all comes with being in your 20s regardless! However, learning to appreciate these moments and all it has to offer you and your relationship will be vital to you all this time in your life. Which, will translate into how you live in the moments of your long-distance relationship.

Therefore, when your partner visits, making breakfast in the morning is suddenly and exciting part of your day now that it’s made for two. Or simply walking your dog with your partner becomes a rare treat and sitting on the couch watching your favorite show with your partner becomes something you savor as much as that evening’s dessert. Learning to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and all of the advantages that long-distance can bring will not only benefit your relationship, but also yourself in the long run!



3. It creates more opportunities to travel 



When Marlin and I first took our relationship long-distance I didn’t think about all of the travel opportunities that I would be able to experience! Your 20s supposed to be a time of growth, exploration, and unbounden living. Particularly those with no children, professional career, and mortgage to worry about quite yet. Therefore, what better way to spend it than traveling? One of the greatest benefits of a long-distance relationship is that you get to become intimately acquainted with a new place. Thanks to your very own personal tour guide – aka your partner!

You might even become a tourist of your own city now that you have a partner who’s excited to get out and explore it with you. It comes back to #2! You realize that you’re more likely to go out and experience new places and things together even if you’re both originally from the same town. But since you have limited time together when visiting, you want to take advantage of all of the neat places each your city or their new city has to offer!

Do you have any tips for those currently in a long-distance relationship? 

I would love to hear them in the comments!

xo, Cydney


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