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I'm Cydney Marlene.

I'm so happy you are here! My main mission of this blog is to share with you my best tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you improve your everyday life and survive your 20's stress-free, happy, and healthy! I'm obsessed with all things wellness, coffee, dogs, and helping others live their happiest and healthiest lives!

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The 5 Greatest Planning Hacks You NEED To Know

The 5 Greatest Planning Hacks You NEED To Know

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Today, I am focusing on the top 5 greatest planning hacks that you need to know! These simple hacks will boost your productivity and organization skills to the next level! I use all 5 of them in my everyday life and they have allowed me to become much more creative and effective in my work and in my personal life!

Utilizing these tips has enabled me to begin the day with a motivated and productive mindset! Which ultimately lead to additional time available to do a lot more in my life! Such as creating new content, helping more people, and eventually earn more money!

However, these tips are not only geared at entrepreneurs and working individuals! You can implement these 5 tips in numerous different aspects of life! No matter what your goals are, using these 5 tips will allow you to move towards them at a faster, more organized pace!


The 5 Greatest Planning Hacks You NEED To Know

1.) Firstly, establish a habitual morning and evening routine


Having the same set routine that you follow every morning and evening will naturally get you into that productive and motivated mindset!

If you go to bed organized, relaxed, and ready to tackle tomorrow’s goals, then you will achieve them! If you write out what you want to accomplish the night before, you won’t feel overwhelmed when you wake up in the morning! Also, you will never forget what you want to accomplish either!

If you need any ideas for planning your night routine, check out this related post on 8 simple nighttime habits of successful girl bosses! 


Just like a night routine is incredibly essential for productivity and success…
same goes for a regular morning routine!


When you wake up and have that motivated mindset from the evening before, you will immediately begin to work on your to-do list and get sh*t done! This is also why many successful people wake up at the same time every single day!

For me, I like to wake up at 5 am every day. Not only for my job as a fitness instructor but even on the days that I do not teach. Waking up at 5 am allows me to get so many things done and clear my schedule way before some people even wake up!

For example, I have a set schedule on Monday’s and Wednesday’s because I get home from teaching my classes at around 6:15 am. From there, I work on whatever it is I need to get done between the time I get home to about 10 am. Then, I take a break or make breakfast.

Waking up at the same time every morning allows me to have that large chunk of time in the morning to accomplish what needs to get done before the afternoon! Which ultimately opens up my afternoon and evening schedule to be more flexible for social plans or to relax and unwind. This leads me into my productive night routine, which is when I schedule everything out for the next day!


However, everyone is different!


Create a plan that works well for you! A plan that you enables you to wake up energized and feel motivated!

If you are not a morning person, don’t feel like you have to force yourself to wake up before dawn! Some people feel that they are more productive and creative at night. And that is totally fine!! Shoot, if you aren’t a morning person and you don’t have to wake up early for your job…then why not sleep as long as you want!

Arrange and schedule your daily goal list to fit well with your most productive work time! As long as you are giving yourself enough time to get everything you want to be done COMPLETED, then do what makes you feel happy and motivated!


2.) Have only 3 big monthly focuses


It is so important to have 3 main things that you are working on each month! The 3 things that will move you forward and closer to your goals.

In any aspect of your life: work, school, home, business, etc. We all have goals we are working towards, but sometimes it can get overwhelming and tough to break down each task and give each task our full, undivided attention. From a business or work stand-point, we all have little daily tasks as well that get us closer to our goals. Such as answering email, sending out newsletters, individualized coaching, taking phone calls, posting on social media, etc.

Personally, for the month of April 2019, I am hoping to strictly focus on these 3 things: utilize Pinterest to drive more traffic to my site, create a freebie for meal-prepping tips, and write at least 6 blog posts leading into the month of May! 🙂 However, this tip is not only for business owners, entrepreneurs, and those who work a typical 9-5!


This works for EVERYONE! 


Maybe you are planning a wedding, working towards your fitness goals, setting up your classroom for the next school year, etc. Whatever your goals are do not put too much on your plate! It will cause you to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and feel less motivated to accomplish anything that gets you further towards your goal(s).

Stick to only 3 big things a month that is going to move you, your business, and your life forward and closer to success!


3.) Plan out your entire week every Sunday


I do this religiously every single Sunday, and I truly stand by this tip 100%!

It seriously brings me so much joy to write down everything that I have going on for the week in my planner, that way I am prepared for each day! This is why I always say “success starts with Sunday’s” because it does! I feel more productive and prepared going into my week, and determined to accomplish everything that I write down on Sunday!

What I do is I break down each work-day, Monday through Friday, and write down the major events that I have going on each day.

Then the next thing I do is plan out the time that I want to accomplish each task and color code them! For me, these bigger tasks include work, workouts, and assignments that are due for school! I write down the task in a specific color, and then I write down the time that I have to complete that task! Or the time that each task takes place.

This allows me to be more organized and clearly see what I have going on at the right time each day of the week. Having these events planned out ahead of time also allows me to schedule in other tasks! Without the fear of colliding into another “bigger” task that is on the top of my to-do list that day.

For my personal life planner, I use these main colors for my bigger tasks that take up the most time in my day.


Red= classes at the gym that I instruct
Pink= my personal workouts
Green= working at the preschool/substitute teaching
Blue= homework assignments (each class has its own color)
Purple= priorly planned social events


The 5 Greatest Planning Hacks You NEED To Know


I have a whole separate planner for my blog posts and website as well! This planner, on the other hand, is mostly for personal events and other work-related situations that do not include my blog!



4.) Write a to-do list every. single. day



Every day is a little different for me since I go to school and work three jobs. So I find it easier to write down the big events that I am doing first (such as work or school) as I mentioned above in #3! Then, go around those events and schedule in “smaller” tasks that move me closer to my goals! These little tasks are the ones I write down in my to-do list, as mentioned above!

For example,

As you may have seen in #3, I work Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at a preschool from 8-3. So I write that down FIRST in my planner and schedule everything else around the hours of 8-3. I also write down the time that I have to work that way I can fit in “smaller tasks” around my bigger priority that day!

When the day actually comes, I then write out my to-do list for that day! Such as the specific posts I want to write, grocery lists, what I want to work on for my website, email lists, household chores, etc.

It is much easier to wait until the day of or the night before to write down the “little tasks” that you want to accomplish. Simply because plans always change and last minute things get thrown at you that you may have not had been prepared for or aware of on Sunday!



5.) Take a “self-focused” mid-day break



Taking a mid-day break (especially if you work from home) is crucial for your health and overall wellness! Halfway through the day, close or shut down your computer, clean up your workspace, and step away from your desk or your office!


Go do something that you LOVE but doesn’t relate to work!


This can be anything like going to the gym, going out to lunch or dinner with friends or co-workers, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc! Give yourself however much time you may need, and then come back to your work feeling refreshed and ready to begin again!

Sometimes when we are working too hard for a long period of time our bodies begin to slowly shut down and get exhausted and irritable. You begin to feel hungry, lethargic, and unfocused. However, if you get ahead of this “work slump” and tiredness feeling, you will find that you actually have a longer length of time in your day to be productive!

When you give yourself some time to reset and take that break for working out, eating lunch, hanging out with friends, meal-prepping, etc. you may find that you do not feel as tired later on! And you finish all of your tasks while stepping away from the desk and taking some time for yourself and mental health!



I hope you found some of these tips helpful and motivating towards your goals!

I love finding new ways to organize and plan out my life and work schedule! But better yet, I love sharing the new tips that I find with you as well! All of these tips have allowed me to be more productive in my life and in my workspace. That way I am able to learn more, create more, earn more, and most importantly, live more!

Do you have any of your own helpful planning tips?

xo, Cydney


  1. Katrina says:

    Great tips, thank you!

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