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I'm Cydney Marlene.

I'm so happy you are here! My main mission of this blog is to share with you my best tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you improve your everyday life and survive your 20's stress-free, happy, and healthy! I'm obsessed with all things wellness, coffee, dogs, and helping others live their happiest and healthiest lives!

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9 Outstanding Ways You Can Achieve Quality Sleep Tonight

9 outstanding ways you can achieve quality sleep

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Just like a car cannot function without gasoline, your body cannot function properly without the fuel that quality sleep provides! Your body needs that quality sleep each and every single night! It is vital for your overall wellness, mental/physical health, productivity, and weight loss goals! And in this post, I cover the 9 outstanding ways to achieve quality sleep!


9 outstanding ways you can achieve quality sleep


9 Outstanding Ways You Can Achieve Quality Sleep Tonight


Did you know that roughly 3 million Americans suffer from acute or chronic insomnia (the difficulty falling or staying asleep) each year? Which in return is causing a major impact on both their mental and physical health! (study)

If you are like me, you have struggled with some kind of sleep disorder once in your life! And unfortunately, you’ve witnessed, firsthand, how a sleepless night can have a devastating effect on your daily routine. Over the years, I have implemented several tips and strategies to improve my nightly sleeping habits and I have seen tremendous results because of them!

Not only am I falling asleep faster, but I am getting refreshing, QUALITY sleep and waking up feeling motivated and empowered! Even when I start my day at 4 in the morning, Monday through Friday!

That is why I want to share with you these 9 hacks that will help you achieve better, quality sleep starting as quick as tonight!!



1. Sleeping with a Weighted Blanket



Weighted blankets are all the rage right now, and for very good reason!

While weighted blankets offer many benefits, the one benefit most people are looking to get is to improve their sleep! People who tend to use these blankets are those with sleeping disorders, like insomnia or restless leg syndrome, as well as those who are looking to improve their sleep overall.

According to researchers, weighted blankets help us reach a calmer and more relaxed state to fall asleep in because of deep touch pressure.


Deep Touch Pressure


Or DTP, essentially means that weight is being tenderly and evenly distributed over the entire body. This feeling can also be experienced when getting a massage or receiving a hug from someone.

Deep touch pressure has also been proven to raise levels of serotonin in the body which can improve your overall physical, mental, and emotional health. This chemical, serotonin, is highly useful for sensory processing, reducing anxiety, mood regulation, decreasing blood pressure, decreasing your heart rate, and ultimately having a calming effect on your entire body!

Weighted blankets also increase our bodies production of the chemical melatonin (the chemical that tells your brain it’s time for bed).


9 Outstanding Ways You Can Achieve Quality Sleep Tonight


The application of deep touch pressure has been reported to produce a calming and relaxing effect, and studies have shown that DTP also alleviates anxiety and levels of cortisol in those who use it! (study)


Cortisol is a hormone which regulates stress responses in the body.


High levels of cortisol are correlated with high levels of stress in the body! However, studies have shown that the use of a weighted blanket can actually decrease these stress hormones in our bodies.

The ideal and most effective weight for a weighted blanket is around 10% of your overall body weight! That is the weight that most researchers recommend because it provides you with the most beneficial calming effects.

I purchased my weighted blanket last winter and I absolutely love it!! It is incredibly effective for reducing stress, helping me fall asleep quicker, and wake up feeling way less tired!



2. CBD Oil



CBD oil has some amazing benefits for chronic pain and muscle soreness! But you may not know that CBD also functions as a terrific sleep aid! 


Some of the many benefits of CBD oil include:
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Easing stress
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle soreness or muscle achiness
  • Chronic pain
  • A natural sleep remedy
  • boosting your immune system
  • and much more!


CBD is sourced from the hemp plant but it DOES NOT contain THC, so you will NOT get the “high” effect from using it. If you would like to read more about the differences between CBD and THC feel free to check out this post right here!


In fact, CBD is a completely natural source!


Especially when it is compared to sleeping pills and over-the-counter medications to improve your sleep. Those pills and over-the-counter drugs tend to have many different chemicals in them, which are often not as effective and can be risky as well.

Since CBD oil is derived directly from the hemp plant, it is completely natural and great sleep remedy for those who stay awake feeling anxious at night. The CBD enhances and inhibits the binding action of certain protein-coupled receptors in the brain for a therapeutical benefit!

Since CBD oil in on the rise these days, there are numerous companies who are mass-producing it! That is why you want to make sure you find good quality CBD! Otherwise, you could lose out on some or all of the benefits.

That is why I absolutely love the brand Joy Organics!9 outstanding ways you can achieve quality sleep tonight

All About Joy Organics:


Joy Organics Premium Grade Hemp CBD Oil provides only pharmaceutical-grade CBD!

They are very devoted to being certified organic and providing customers with substantial information about their growing and production procedure.

They are very big on providing 100% transparency and it definitely shows! The creators behind Joy Organics follow very strict guidelines and provide third-party lab testing information for all of their products! The company uses the same exact strain of hemp for all their products, which allows them to ensure their products are always consistent!

And there is absolutely NO THC in their products as well! They have unflavored oils as well as tranquil mint, orange, and lemon flavors!

Read more about what makes Joy Organics different from the other companies by visiting their website! Or by clicking the image above!



3. Reading Fiction Stories



If you are an avid reader and love to read before bed, it is important that you choose a novel or short story that is primarily fiction if you have troubles falling asleep.

If you are reading a non-fiction book, your brain doesn’t begin to “shut down” and get ready for sleep. This is because you are reading a book is intended on teaching you something where you start to fall into that mindset of growth and learning.

Same thing if you were to read a self-help book that is designed to spark creativity, motivation, and inspiration. Your mind then doesn’t want to wind down because you are literally giving yourself a mental workout! You’re stimulating your brain up for excitement and motivation.


Read Fiction Novels


Fiction novels tend to do the opposite by calming down our anxious minds and pulling us into a restful and relaxed state. When it comes to reading before bed, however, it is important to understand the difference between reading from an electronic book and a traditional paper book.

Electronic books such as a Kindle give off a blue light that has been proven to reduce the secretion of melatonin, making it harder for you to fall asleep. Which inevitably results in making you feel tired and unproductive the next morning.






I have personally never tried this method to help fall asleep, but I know many people who listen to ASMR to help them fall asleep!

ASMR has been very popular in today’s media recently, and you can find many relating videos on platforms such as YouTube.


For those that may not be familiar:


ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response.” It has become a vital therapeutic technique for many people, as well as a source of relaxation and a useful method to fall asleep quicker. It is described as a feeling of euphoric tingling and relaxation that can come over someone when she or he watches specific videos or hears certain sounds.

Certain ASMR videos don’t work for everybody, and it can be difficult for people to explain their sensation at times to someone who hasn’t experienced it firsthand.

A lot of people describe their certain “triggers,” from listening to ASMR, as a feeling of blissful tingling which begins up in the scalp and then slowly makes its way through the body, down the neck and spine, and to the arms and legs. Many also state that when they find their specific “trigger video” or “trigger sound”, it sends them into an intense feeling of relaxation, which is why many people watch ASMR videos before bed.


ASMR defines the experience as “low-grade euphoria.”


It is portrayed as a combination of positive feelings and a distinct feeling of tingling sensations on the skin and scalp. And several people compare the feeling of having their scalp massaged or their back scratched to the feelings they get when listening to ASMR.


Examples of ASMR include sounds of:


  • whispering
  • songs
  • tapping
  • rain or water
  • scratching
  • and a lot more!


It is important to know that everyone has their own specific trigger, and one video or sound that works for somebody may not work the same for someone else!

If this is something you are interested in trying out to help any sleep disorders, I definitely recommend watching several different videos to see what your specific trigger is! You may not feel that specific feeling at first, but once you find your “trigger” studies have shown that people fall asleep almost instantly!

You can find these videos on YouTube or by searching them online, such as Google! But I have also included a link to a YouTuber by the name of ASMR Glow who makes many ASMR videos focusing only on sleep triggers!

Check out her video titled “ASMR Sleep Clinic” right here!



5. Taking a Warm Bath or Shower



I don’t know about anybody else, but every time I take a hot, Epsom salt bath at night, I instantly feel exhausted and relaxed afterward! And I immediately want to crawl into bed!

Another thing I noticed is that every night I take an Epsom salt bath, I sleep much deeper and longer than compared to when I don’t!

However, you may not know that it isn’t the heat that makes you tired and want to fall asleep! It is the cooling down process that makes you feel drowsy. The sudden drop of temperature in your body is what makes you have that deep, peaceful slumber. When you take a hot bath, shower, or sit in a sauna your body temperature is going to rise.

So, if you’re taking a hot bath you think of it as you’re wanting to turn your bathroom into a sauna! You want to steam up your bathroom and sweat! That energy it takes for your body to “cool down” is ultimately what makes you tired!


Tip: Be sure to keep water by you too! Since you could get light-headed or feel dehydrated.


Related Post: “The Healthy Nighttime Routine You Will Always Want to Stick To”



6. Setting Your Ideal Bedroom Temperature



Who doesn’t love cuddling up in a pile of heavy, cozy blankets in a cold room?!

Well, we’re not crazy!  Researchers have stated that setting your sleep environment to a cooler temperature does indeed help individuals get deeper sleep! They also state that it will help you fall asleep much faster!  (study)


Why is this?


As our circadian rhythms approach the sleep cycle, your body’s core temperature decreases!

Scientists say that the ideal room temperature for quality sleep is between 60-70 degrees, depending on the season and your individual preference. Just find the best temperature that works for you!

Just like the “cooling process” after a warm bath, the same thing applies to the temperature in your bedroom! As your body quickly cools down, it sends a signal to your brain to go to sleep!



7. Brain dumping



Write down all of your thoughts or worries that you have down on paper before you go to sleep!

This can be a gratitude journal, a to-do list, a list of positive things that happened that day to reflect on them, goals for tomorrow, etc.

Honestly, anything that is on your mind! Write them down on a piece of paper and completely clear your mind before you fall asleep.9 outstanding ways you can achieve quality sleep

Your brain won’t be going a million miles a minute thinking of everything that you have to the next day! Get out every feeling or emotion that you have, and write them out on paper.

Braindumps can be highly beneficial and therapeutic for calming an anxious mind! As well as letting out all of your feelings or frustrations.

Because now you can rest easy without having constant thoughts running through your mind all night!

Not to mention, writing out a to-do list or goal list for tomorrow will help you remember everything that you want to accomplish! It will leave you feeling less anxious or busy, and it will prepare you ready for a good night’s rest!



8. White noise and sleeping aid apps



Light, soft, background noise has been proven for many years to have a large, positive impact on regular sleeping habits.

Do you have difficulties falling asleep or are you prone to wake up during the night? If so, many sleep specialists recommend trying a white noise machine.


What is white noise?


White noise is a heterogeneous mixture of sound waves extending over a broad spectrum of frequencies.

It forms a sound similar to the constant hum a fan blowing air, instrumental music, or steady nature sounds such as rain. White noise machines may generate their own white noise or play it back in a loop, repeating the sound in the recording.

In fact, a 2012 study revealed that 25 participants were able to fall asleep quicker when exposed to soothing music! They also had a more restful and deeper sleep when they were exposed to the music for 45 minutes before bedtime. This is compared to those who did not listen to music at all before bed.


Many other examples of white noise that many people use include:


  • the humming sound of a fan
  • a nature sound machine
  • the soothing, relaxing music
  • or white noise apps on their smartphone


Some people prefer to fall asleep to the sound of their TV. However, scientists say that it is better to shut them off! Try to find another source of background noise to help you fall asleep. Even if you are accustomed to watching TV before bed, and falling asleep with it still on, a part of your brain is still paying attention. This can interfere with your sleep!

A great alternative to the television are apps for your smartphone! Specifically, apps that are designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.


Some of my favorite FREE apps include:


  • Headspace
  • Relax Melodies
  • Relax and Sleep
  • Calm
  • and Rain Rain Sleep Sounds
  • Relax and Sleep by Glen Harrold


All of these are available for both iPhone and Andriod users!



9. Aromatherapy



Aromatherapy is frequently used by those who need help relaxing and winding down! With that, it is also very beneficial for those who have trouble falling asleep!

Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils, which provide so many health benefits! And they come in numerous different scents for different purposes.


Lavender Oil 


When it comes to sleep aid, however, lavender oil is the way to go! Lavender oil is extremely calming, relaxing and easy to implement into your nightly routine! I find that the best way to use lavender oil is in a diffuser! Just add a couple of drops into the diffuser and let it fill your room with the calming aroma of the essential oil!

Another great way you can use it is by rubbing a little bit on your wrists. Or rub it on the bottom of your feet and keep the scent tucked in with a pair of socks! Either way, adding lavender oil into your nightly routine is perfect for letting your subconscious know that it is time for bed. Especially the longer you continue to add in this habit.

Keep in mind that just like the CBD oil, you want to make sure you get quality lavender oil! For me, I love the NOW Foods Essential Oils brand because it is 100% pure lavender oil!


I really hope all (or some) of these tips are able to help you achieve peaceful and quality sleep!

Are there any tips and tricks that you personally use to help you fall asleep?

I would love to find out! Until next time!

xo, Cydney


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