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How To Become A More Attractive and Positive Person

how to become more attractive and positive

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Have you ever met someone for the first time and you immediately felt happy and drawn to them? Or possibly there is someone that you’ve known for a long time, and every single time that you around them you just feel good. What is it about this person, and what are they doing or saying that makes you feel so connected to them? What do they say or do that makes you like them so much? Or what do they not do, that makes them such an attractive and positive person? If you have ever wondered how to become more attractive and positive, and overall more likable to those around you, then you have come to the right place, my friend!

These are 10 simple habits that attractive and positive people all share! It’s not that they are special or rare people, it’s because they are doing and saying specific things. They are showing up in a more intentional way that naturally makes them more likable, attractive, and positive to those around them. Here is how you can too!


how to become more attractive and positive


1. Be a good listener


Be attentive and show interest! People like people who ask them questions about themselves, their interests and their passions. Show the person that you see and value them and the things that they are interested in! Don’t let other things distract you such as your phone or other people when having a conversation. A good listener shows empathy for what the other person is saying and doesn’t try to interrupt the conversation to say something about themselves. They are also focused on giving the other person their undivided attention and looking interested in them the entire time.

When people know they are being listened to attentively, they will have a greater sense of respect and appreciation for you! Because sometimes we just need a person that will listen to us. And when a person sees that you are actually interested and care about what they have to say, you are instantly well-liked and admired by that person!


2. Show authenticity


Be genuine and your 100%, true, and unique self! Learn how to not take yourself too seriously. It’s a sign that we are comfortable and confident with who we are and that we don’t have to be perfect or serious all of the time. Be able to laugh at yourself, brush simple things off, and have fun at the moment. In fact, people like being around other people who are comfortable with themselves. Remember, people feel comfortable with people who comfortable with themselves.

So do not try to fake it or be phony! Let yourself be imperfect and uniquely YOU. Enjoy life as you and learn to be more carefree and comfortable with yourself!


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3. Be accepting


People are drawn to those who make them feel good about themselves. If you show that you accept and love someone for who they truly are, they will most likely feel the same way towards you. Many of us have insecurities and that small voice that tells us that we’re not good or worthy enough of a certain thing. And when we feel accepted by someone who sees past those flaws or insecurities, we tend to feel loved and better about ourselves.

Be the person who is accepting and kinds towards others! Who sees past flaws or social labels. Be the one who is genuinely nice, interested, and respectful towards other people. It will go such a long way and you will notice that the energy and kindness that you give out will be given right back to you!



4. Show that you prioritize yourself


Make time each day to take care of yourself! Whether it be through exercise, eating better, getting enough sleep, self-care routines, reading, walking, etc. Even if it’s just walking down the street to get your favorite coffee simply because you want to! As an attractive and positive person, you need to be able to put yourself first at times.

Moreover, when you show people that you prioritize yourself and invest in your well-being, you display more confidence and self-respect. People will begin to notice and respect that you value yourself and put effort into your health and personal growth.


5. Have a good sense of humor


Having a good sense of humor is important! It shows that you are carefree, approachable, friendly, and comfortable to be around. People will appreciate that they can have fun with you and be their true selves around you!

Not to mention, people feel attracted to those that make them feel encouraged and well-liked! Along with that, if you can make a person smile or laugh with your sincere, friendly, and responsible joking, it goes a long way in having people like you!


6. Take responsibility


Those who are attractive learn to own their mistakes or actions! Instead of trying to find ways around them by complaining or blaming others. They take responsibility for their thoughts, actions, and outcomes. Nobody likes to be around those who are miserable and constantly feel bad for themselves.

Think about those who you like and are attracted or drawn to. They don’t come up with excuses or complain about their current mishaps. Instead, they try to find the positives in every situation and strive to make something good come out of the problem or mistake that they created.


7. Have intelligence


Being knowledgeable, informed, and able to hold a meaningful conversation are excellent traits of an attractive person. Not only does it show that you have confidence in yourself, but it also shows that you have an interest in self-growth and learning new things. Not to mention, the more time you take to become aware and grow in your education, the better perspective you will have on life in general. So with that, make it a habit to stay informed and up-to-date on current events!


8. Be encouraging


Encourage others when they need it the most and even when they may not necessarily need it. If you notice the hard work and dedication that some is putting in day in and day out, then compliment them on it and point out their effort! Chances are they may actually need to hear it.

Give someones that motivation and encouragement they might need to try something new or to keep going with what they are working hard in. The smallest bit of encouragement can make a huge difference in someone’s life! They will appreciate and admire you for cheering them on! And they will especially remember you as the one who cared about them, valued them, and noticed their commitment or strengths when no one else would!


9. Smile and make eye contact


Nobody is drawn to another person who doesn’t smile, doesn’t appear interested, or has that resting b*tch face, right?! It may sound cheesy but, attractive and positive people make an effort to actually smile and make eye contact more often! We like people who show us that they like us. And what is the easiest way to show someone that you are interested and that you like them? By smiling and paying attention to them!

People who are considered likable and attractive always look interested, always make eye contact, and always pay attention to the person that is speaking to them. Giving them their full attention, without being so easily distracted by other things, people, or their phone.

By doing this, you can really make a person feel seen, valued, listened to, appreciated, and liked! Because the truth is, the people that we like the most are the people who we feel like us as well.


10. Have an open mind


Do you ever notice that close-minded people are often seen as over-opinionated and ignorant? They are the ones who are more likely to make statements rather than questions, focus more on being heard than actually listening, and close-minded people don’t like to be on the wrong side of the argument. People are more magnetic and drawn to those who have an open mind. Those who see situations in many different viewpoints, those who care about the opinions of others, and those who are more interested in listening rather than speaking.

Open-minded people are also more accepting, less judgemental, and have more respect and compassion for other people’s differences. These are the people who you most likely feel more comfortable around, and more willing to have a conversation with!



Which one of these really stood out to you??

Remember, attractiveness isn’t always about physical appearance! It’s also about the thoughts that you have, the words that you speak, the actions that you take, and the way that you view others, that can shape the way you appear to other people and to yourself.

Until next time!

xo, Cydney


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    Love this post!!

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