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5 Productive Things Successful Women Do On Their Commute

5 Productive Things To Do On Your Commute

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For many people, their daily commute to work or to school is most-likely not their favorite time of the day. For some, it may even feel like a total waste of time while just trying to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. If you’re driving to work/school, it can be easy to simply put on the radio and mindlessly drive that everyday route. Or, if you take another form of transportation or carpool, it can be very tempting to easily scroll through your social media feeds again and again until you make it to your destination. However, your daily commute can actually be the perfect time to increase your daily productivity and develop yourself into the successful woman that you want to become overtime! With that, below is a list of my top 5 productive things to do on your commute to work or school!

Choose one, or several, of these ideas and start incorporating them into your daily commute as soon as possible!


5 productive things to do on your commute



1. Listen to a podcast or audiobook


Listening to a podcast or audiobook is one of the simplest ways to be productive first thing in the morning. In fact, many successful women use their daily, morning commute to expand their knowledge and learn something new in a short amount of time. Not only are podcasts completely free, but many audiobooks are free or very cheap as well. Especially on platforms such as Audible! And with hundreds of audiobooks and podcasts to choose from, you’re bound to find one that you will love and learn something valuable from!

When it comes to productive, binge-worthy podcasts to listen to on your commute, I definitely have many recommendations! Personally, I have been loving the Goal Digger podcast, Design Your Dream Life, and the Feel Good Effect. Whether you choose to listen to a podcast or an audiobook, each one of these simple activities will support ongoing learning and personal development!


2. Mentally prepare for the day


This is definitely one of my favorite things to do each morning on my commute because it’s an intentionally productive way to begin the morning. Use this time to practice how you’re going to give a presentation, how you’re going to ask your boss for that promotion, or what important matter you’re going to bring up in your meeting later on, etc.

You can even use this time during your commute to mentally prepare for the rest of your day after work/school. Finalize what you’re going to make for dinner later, what you’re going to wear to get drinks with your girlfriends, or what movie you and your significant other are going to watch tonight. Mentally preparing during your commute before work allows for you to have a distraction-free workday! Which, of course, promotes a way more productive and effective work environment. Preparing ahead of time during your morning commute allows you to clear your mind of worries and after-work activities during the work hours.


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3. Create a daily to-do list 


There is no greater productive feeling than creating a to-do list. At least for me, that is! 😉It is the ideal way to stay organized, and using your daily commute is the perfect time to create a to-do list or fine-tune one that you already have. To-do lists are crucial for a productive day! One that is free from stress, overwhelm, and indecision. By creating a to-do list, whether mentally or on a piece of paper, you are prioritizing the day’s responsibilities.

Therefore, once you have your to-do list in order of priority, simply write down everything that you will need to do in order to tick each task off of that list. Having a paper or mental to-do list will set yourself up to have a more organized and focused workday!


4. Work on a side hustle 


One thing that many successful women do on their long, daily commute is work on their own projects or side hustles. I know for me personally, I would always find small ways to work on my blog whenever I was driving to school. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to actually write or research because I was driving, lol, but oftentimes I would voice my ideas into my notes folder on my phone.

If you have a longer commute to work or school – or maybe you even have to take a train or bus – use that to your advantage! Because it is the perfect time to work on your side hustle! Whether your side-hustle is blogging, freelancing, or even working on an Etsy shop. Might as well make some extra cash while commuting to your regular full-time job!

Want some side-hustle ideas?! Here is a list of 40 different side-hustle ideas for anyone looking to make an extra income!


5. Practice mindfulness 


Yes, you can even do this as you’re driving! By practicing mindfulness during your morning commute, you can take the time to focus and create a sense of calmness and relaxation. And it will allow you to arrive at the office or class feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready for the day. You can even practice mindfulness on your way home as well, to remove any stress or anxiousness from your long workday. And since we commute twice a day, it’s such a powerful opportunity to practice new healthy habits!


Now you may be asking, how exactly do I practice mindfulness while I’m driving?


Mindfulness is all about being in the present moment. Which, ultimately, it is actually the safest way to drive if you think about it. You’re less distracted and more aware of your surroundings since your mind is not thinking about a past or future event. When your brain is focused on a past (memory) or future (fantasy) event, you are often thinking unconsciously.

Unconscious thinking typically takes the form of reliving a past event/memory, or a thought that you are anticipating in the future. And since life exists in the present -and not in the future or the past – if you don’t start making it a habit to consciously live in the present, then you are ultimately missing out on your life and the things around you.


With that, there are multiple ways to practice mindfulness as you are driving.


But first, the idea is the focus on, or consciously be aware of, three specific things. Your body, what you hear, and what you see. And you want to try your best to stay present during your entire commute. Feel your hands on the steering wheel or your foot on the pedal. Notice that you are looking and seeing through your windows and your mirrors. Listen to the sounds that you hear, from the car or from outside.

This may sound so simple, but you’ll be surprised to realize that it’s actually much harder than it sounds. But just like any other habit, this one takes practice! But definitely try it out because it can actually be quite relaxing! And remember, a mindful commute will help you become more focused, calm, and productive once you reach your destination.

I hope you find these 5 tips helpful and effective!


Which one of these ideas will you be doing on your daily commute? 


Let me know in the comments! Until next time!

xo, Cydney



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