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I'm Cydney Marlene.

I'm so happy you are here! My main mission of this blog is to share with you my best tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you improve your everyday life and survive your 20's stress-free, happy, and healthy! I'm obsessed with all things wellness, coffee, dogs, and helping others live their happiest and healthiest lives!

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8 Simple Nighttime Rituals of Every Successful Girl Boss

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I find it so fascinating to read about the successful women that I admire, who seem to easily have everything managed and calmly under control! It is interesting to see how they begin and end their days, what self-care rituals that find most effective to fit into their busy lifestyles, and how these amazing girl bosses spend their time! I know I am not the only curious one! Throughout the many women that I read into, I noticed a similar pattern of routine and habits that most of these successful women implement into their nighttime routines. And with most of these successful women, these 8 simple nighttime rituals below all showed up!

Just like your morning routine, your nighttime routine is just as important for keeping you on track with your goals! And according to some of the most hardworking and busy girl bosses out there, they know this as a fact, and they live by their routines!


A consistent nighttime routine allows you to unwind from a hard-working shift and guarantees better brain function for the following day!


You’ll be ready to tackle the morning in a more planned and productive way, and you’ll have peace of mind and higher-quality sleep without your restless brain keeping you up, reminding you of your long list of to-do’s that awaits.

Who couldn’t use a little more motivation and ideas to plan out the perfect nighttime routine?? That does not involve mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds or watching Netflix until 2 in the morning…


8 simple nighttime rituals of every successful girl boss


1. Have A Set Time On When The Work Day Ends


If you want to have a solid, effective night routine that will prompt success for the next day ahead, then you have to know when the work ends.

You must set boundaries! 

Establish a set time that you will shut down your computer, commit to not responding to any more work-related emails, and stop thinking about or dwelling on work-related issues. Not only will this keep you sane, but you won’t become overworked or overstressed in the process. Generating a set time on when you will turn off and unplug from work-related situations will also lead to an increase in creativity and performance.  


2. Write Down Tomorrow’s Plans and To-Do List


8 simple nighttime rituals of every successful girl boss


Take Lauren Conrad’s advice, and try writing down your top priorities for tomorrow in a planner, a notebook, or on a sticky note! Set that list anywhere, on your desk or bedside table, that way it will be one of the first things you see when you wake up in the morning.

You’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle your list!


If you’re not one for handwriting out your to-do list or your goal list for the next day, try typing it out on your computer and setting it as your background screen!

Furthermore, you can jot down your list in the notes app of your phone, take a screenshot, and set that picture of your list as your background picture of your phone’s lock screen! 

That way when you wake up and check your phone, your computer, or your desk, your to-do/goal list will be right there already planned out, waiting for you to check it off! Nothing is more demotivating and frustrating than waking up to a brand new day without having a clear plan of action! It ultimately leads to more distractions and less productivity.


8 simple nighttime rituals of every successful girl bossTip:

Personally, I make a quick list of priorities that I want to accomplish by noon the next day.


In which can include:

  • Finishing homework assignments
  • Writing or publishing blog posts
  • Getting a workout in
  • etc.


It gives me a clear idea of what I am going to do the next day, or what I want/need to get done without having to deal with procrastination or lack of organization.


3. Be Prepared For Tomorrow


Along with having your to-do list written out, it is crucial to organize everything you need for a successful day ahead! Have your clothes already washed and set out, ready for you to put on in the morning. That way, you do not have to spend precious time picking out your workday outfit.

Additionally, whether you work from home or commute, always have food prepared! Meal prep any snacks or meals that you know you will need during the duration of the time you are working.

Don’t waste time and money searching for food to buy at the office or standing in front of the open fridge desperately searching for something fulfilling and healthy to eat! Having your food prepacked the night before ensures a stress-free morning!


To ensure a stress-free morning…


Have all of your cleanings and household chores finished before you go bed!

  • Dirty dishes cleaned and put away ✔️
  • Laundry is done ✔️
  • Leftovers stored or thrown away ✔️
  • House is neat and tidy ✔️
  • Trash is taken out ✔️
  • etc.


To create a clear and tranquil headspace, you must establish a clear and tranquil workspace.


8 simple nighttime rituals of every successful girl boss


I found this one to be very interesting!

Another notable and useful thing that successful people implement into their lives is filling up your gas tank or simply making sure you purchase gas for your car before you get home for the evening. 

That way you are not having to worry about getting gas in the morning before work or school! Or deal with the panic of running late out the door, and seeing dreadfully hearing the sound of your gas light come on.


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4. Disengage From Social Media


Not only should you disconnect from work, but you should unplug from any electronic devices completely. This means disconnecting from social media apps and games on your phone, tablet, Ipad, commuter, etc. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, even does this! So no need to worry, you will not miss out on any social media news or gains!

In fact, research has found that the time you spend looking at your device screens before bed does you much more harm than good. Blue wavelengths—which are favorable during daylight hours since they boost attention, reaction times, and mood—seem to be the most disruptive at night.

The blue light on your device mimics the sun’s brightness, which gravely, tricks your body into thinking it’s daytime. In return, this tells your brain to stop producing melatonin.

The lack of melatonin could lead to, not only poor sleep quality, but vision problems, depression, and forms of cancer as well. Putting your laptop and cell phone in another room to eliminate distraction before bed is also a great tip that many successful people do if they strive from a good night’s rest. 


5. Unwind and Relax


Taking time for yourself, and doing one thing you love after a busy day is vital! Did you know that your brain relaxes when you do something that is pleasing to you?

It is stimulated when you are joyful. In which, improves your cognitive attentiveness and general productivity. Exercising, like taking a brisk walk, is a great tool many successful people use to unwind and decompress from their workday.

If exercising after a busy day is not your cup of tea, perform an hour of anything else that you love! Any activity that puts you into a state of mindfulness and relaxation such as walking, meditation, taking a bath, and listening to music are great ways to unwind and quiet your brain before bed!

A-list actress, CEO, and founder of Goop, and all-around just inspiring girl boss, Gwyneth Paltrow, relies on her Epsom salt baths to help her unwind and relax from a chaotic, eventful day.

She also uses organic essential oils on many pressure points, to release tension and stress!


6. Reflect On The Positives 


This is a big one that many successful girl bosses implement into their nighttime routines!

Simply taking the time, right before bed, to write down three things that happened that day to reflect on and be thankful for is so important. Keeping a gratitude journal is a wonderful tool that successful people, business owners, CEO’s, etc. use to remind themselves of the progress that was made that given day in any aspect of their lives.

These highly, successful and wealthy people use this trick to help stay motivated and determined especially during a stressful or hectic season. We all know how easy it is to dread and only focus on the negatives occurrences that happened from the day, but regardless of how bad you feel or how badly the day went, highly successful people steer clear of negative self-talk and regret. 

Nothing positive comes out of it and it only generates more unnecessary stress, that is completely avoidable when we focus on the positive aspects of that day, for which we feel grateful.


7. Read or Educate


8 simple nighttime rituals of every successful girl boss


Reading is one of the best ways to relax.

Fact: Six minutes can be enough to reduce the stress levels and improve memory by more than two thirds (68%), according to new research.

Even the infamous, billionaire Bill Gates spends one hour reading each and every night before bed. It ranges from topics such as politics to current events. Did you know that the author of “The Art of Learning,” Josh Waitzkin, recommends learning a new and complicated concept at the end of a demanding, tiring day?

The reason for this belief is because your subconscious processes fresh information while you are sleeping! So even though it doesn’t sound like the most appealing way to spend your time after a long day, it is one of the greatest and most optimal times to learn new things!

8. Make Sleep A Priority


Going to bed at a consistent time is a fundamental habit that all successful people respect. All sleep experts recommend practicing this habit to warrant healthy, quality sleep.

A good night’s sleep is so important for productivity and your cognitive function. Not to mention, a lack of quality sleep has also been repeatedly linked to a higher body mass index (study).

This is why prioritizing sleep is essential! The harder we work, the more prone we are to error, procrastination, or the sluggishness that blocks our creativity. Those who are sleep-deprived are also less motivated, have a larger difficulty focusing, remembering things, and struggle with making good decisions in the long run.


It is crucial to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep every single night!


One way that you can easily tackle this habit, and make it part of your routine, is to gradually go to sleep a half-hour every day for a full week. Then add another half hour the following, and so and so so forth, until you start falling asleep at your bodies desired time!


8 simple nighttime rituals of every successful girl boss



I hope that you give these routines a try, swap some out, combine them all, get creative and add your own personal touch on them!

I would love to hear the one(s) that you are most intrigued about implementing into your own routine!

Develop a healthy and happy nighttime routine that personally suits YOU, and get ready to tackle the day! You’re one step closer to success by executing a solid, productive routine the evening before. So to all of my creative, hard-working girl bosses out there, let’s lift a mug of chamomile tea and put our eye masks on to cheer for restorative sleep and the success that awaits us when we wake up!

xo, Cydney


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