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I'm Cydney Marlene.

I'm so happy you are here! My main mission of this blog is to share with you my best tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you improve your everyday life and survive your 20's stress-free, happy, and healthy! I'm obsessed with all things wellness, coffee, dogs, and helping others live their happiest and healthiest lives!

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10 Habits Of The Most Confident Woman In The Room

habits of the most confident woman

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Good morning! Or hello! If it is no longer morning where you are right now. It is currently a beautiful morning and the sun is shining here in Michigan as I am writing this post for you! Today, I want to talk about the 10 habits of the most confident woman in the room.

I’m sure when you think of the word “confidence” an image suddenly pops into your mind. An image of the woman who is noticed by others, happy, portrays success and is comfortable with being her authentic self all of the time. Perhaps, if confidence is something that you are currently struggling with, maybe your image of confidence is the person that YOU want to become and the person that you want to act/think like.

But what is it about this woman or image in your head that makes them so confident? What habits can we practice to ultimately boost our confidence? Many confident women share the same traits and habits that you can easily apply to your life! It just takes a little practice and daily reassurance to instantly boost your confidence, improve your self-love, and increase your inner happiness, which will soon radiate with the rest of the world!

And since I am all about personal development and growth, when it comes to confidence, I believe that if more people were confident in themselves they would do so much more with their lives. Think about it…


✨If you were more confident in yourself you follow your intuition more often, you wouldn’t hold yourself back in fear of judgment, and you would 100% believe that there is a purpose to everything that happens in your life. ✨


If people, especially women, had more confidence in themselves, they would find their rightful places here on Earth. They would be comfortable with themselves and know that they are made to do so much more with their lives! They would travel more, they would not settle for the job that they hate, they wouldn’t settle in a relationship that isn’t making them happy, and so on!


YOU have the power to let go of that inner mean girl in your mind who is telling you that you can’t! 

Grab your coffee! This is going to be a good one! ☕️☀️


10 Habits of the Most Confident Woman in the Room

10 habits of the most confident woman


1. She values herself


A confident woman knows her worth, and she surrounds herself with people who know her worth and their own worth. The best example of this is in relationships. Confident women do not stay in relationships where they are unhappy and underappreciated or treated unfairly by their partner.

They also do not stay in relationships where their time and energy is under-valued. A confident woman surrounds herself with people that support her and lifts her up! She doesn’t allow or stand for behavior that is negative towards her. She is willing to leave or remove the toxic person or thing that doesn’t bring her true happiness or joy!


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2. She has clear goals and plans for herself


The confident woman in the room has aspirations and plans of action for her goals. She knows that it’s easy and fun to dream about success and living the life you want to live, but it is vital to have a clear goal and plan in motion as to how she will achieve it!

She has the confidence to believe in herself and knows that her plan of action will get her where she wants to be! The hard work that it takes to get there is expected and she is prepared to follow the plan she has set for as long as it takes to accomplish her dreams. She doesn’t second guess her decisions, she goes all in without any fear of failure or self-doubts!


3. She’s not afraid of judgment


A confident woman does not fear judgment from others, and she is not afraid of other people talking about her. This is probably the number one concern and problem that is holding people back from growing and living their lives to their fullest potential.

For so many, we are so caught up and concerned with what other people are thinking about us. However, a confident woman knows that, yes, other people are talking about her, but no matter what she says or does she knows that she can not control or change that person’s way of thinking or behaving. Just like tip #1, she knows her worth and she’s not about to waste time or energy worrying about what another woman said about her behind her back.

It is so important to remember this… no matter what kind of information somebody has (or thinks they have) about you, they are going to think and say whatever they want. As long as YOU know that your intentions are good, don’t let petty and bored people hold you back from living your best life.

If you are still hooked on this feeling that people are constantly judging you and talking about you, and you want to know how you can overcome this negative and crushing feeling, check out my final tip in this inspiring post about what you need to be successful


habits of the most confident woman


4. She builds people up and brings them along


That confident woman in the room has a habit of complimenting her peers and highlighting the positive characteristics of others! She makes it a habit to build up those around her, especially her fellow women, and she’s willing to put the light on somebody else, instead of herself!

A confident woman supports other women and doesn’t compare herself to those around her. She knows that a rising tide lifts all boats and that another women’s opportunity or success isn’t going to cost her anything. She lifts up the people that she interacts with and builds trustworthy and strong foundations in every relationship. Comparison and competitiveness is not a thing with her and she doesn’t gossip or speak negatively to or about other women.

The most confident woman in the room will also include and bring others along with her. Even if she’s the most wealthy, successful person or the CEO of the company, she makes it a priority to build other people up, stay humble, invest in others, and be kind to everyone. She doesn’t think of herself as superior, she’s modest and she doesn’t look down on others.


5. She’s self-aware and is always open for improvement


Going off of tip #4, the confident woman in the room is very self-aware and is not afraid to admit that she is not perfect. She knows that she can always use some improvement and she is not afraid to accept that fact. Self-improvement=growth. She is confident in the fact that she can always do better and grow in her education and knowledge.

A trait that most self-aware and confident women possess is that they do not judge or look down on themselves for needing or wanting to improve. They own it! This is another way to practice your self-confidence! By letting others know that you are completely open to constructive criticism and self-improvement. Have the humility and give yourself permission to be able to correct yourself when needed. Nobody is going to perfect! There is always room to grow and learn new things and the most confident woman in the room knows that!


6. She’s not afraid to say “no”


This is something that I am still trying so hard to work on! I am that person who constantly feels the need to please others and say yes to just about everything. And if you are the same way, you know how exhausting and stressful that can sometimes be! You hate the feeling of letting others down or disappointing people, so in result, you end up doing for others and not for yourself. Does this sound familiar to you?

It can be really hard, for a lot of people, to say the word “no.” It’s a powerful word that is direct and can sometimes come off hurtful, insensitive, or rude when used incorrectly. That’s why many people shy away from using it too often.

However, a confident woman knows that when she says “no” to others, she is ultimately saying “yes” to herself. She says no to the things that will stress her out, the things she can’t make room for, and the things she honestly doesn’t want to do. And that is okay! We can’t please everyone, and people can’t expect us to do so.


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7. She understands the importance of taking care of herself


A confident woman knows that she can’t put her personal care and overall wellness on the back burner. If she is going to invest in her work and passions, she knows that she needs to take care of herself first. This is a must before she can begin to take care of anybody else.

She schedules regular activities that promote self-care and support her mental, emotional, and physical health. This is a crucial foundation and backbone for success and happiness. A confident woman knows what is sustainable and what is not. She knows that overworking herself will just lead to problems and really hurt her success and her health.

With that, she is okay with shutting down, turning off, and unplugging from society. She makes sure she gets enough quality sleep, exercises, and schedules in time to relax and unwind. A confident woman also knows that it is perfectly okay to ask for help when she needs it!


habits of confident women



8. She experiences fear, but she does it anyway


I’m not talking about the fear of spiders, heights, or public speaking! I’m talking about the fear that is holding you back from creating your dream life! Maybe you fear judgment (as mentioned above), fear to fail, fear the hard work and the discomfort that it takes to succeed, or perhaps you may even fear the change that success brings.

Whatever it is that you are afraid of, why are you letting it stop you?


Christian author and speaker, Joyce Meyer, often says to, “feel the fear and do it anyway.” And she talks in-depth about this concept in her book, Living Courageously: You Can Face Anything, Just Do It Afraid. It is so inspiring and I promise you, you will never look at fear the same way again after you read this book! 

With that, what does “feel the fear and do it anyway” mean exactly? For me, when I began instructing cardio classes at my gym, “Tabata” classes to be exact, I was so scared! I was scared that people would judge me for my young age (I was 15 at the time), I was worried people wouldn’t like the exercises or the music that I chose, I was also nervous that I would stutter and shy away from the pressure. All in all, I was scared that I was going to end up looking like a fool in front of all these other women. 

You wanna know what happened? What was supposed to be a 45-minute class ended up being 30 minutes because I as I wrote out my plan I forgot to schedule in small breaks in between in each of the 7 circuits. However, the important thing that also happened was that they got an awesome workout, despite the fact that I didn’t let them catch their breath, lol. Along with that, I didn’t let my fears stop me from doing what I wanted to do!


By taking action, I got over those fears!


We overcome our fears by facing them head-on and taking action towards them. For me, it didn’t happen instantaneously, and I had to teach a few more classes. But, each time that I taught a class I felt less and less fearful to the point where I now teach multiple types of classes and personally train clients.

I now enjoy it, and that experience of feeling the fear but still doing what I wanted to do anyway made me 10x more confident in myself and in my work in so many other aspects of my life. 


We all have a choice, to either do what it is you want to do afraid or be afraid and just sit still.


When you take action, the fear will eventually subside. It may go away completely or it may just downsize, but either way, do what is you want to do anyway along with the fear that you have! 

This is what confident women do! They don’t wait for their confidence to show up, they go out there and do what they want to do while gaining confidence along the way!


9. She feels no need to compare or tear others down 


Similar to tip #4, this is a habit of the most confident women! You will most likely never hear a confident woman negatively comparing herself to the successes of others, or tearing down the self-esteem of others to make herself appear better. She knows that her own successes had nothing to do with the failures of others around her.

She knows what it takes to achieve them and the hard work that one must put into accomplishing their goals and she is fully aware that others are doing the exact same. A confident woman is not intimated by the success of others! She is willing to help and celebrate another person’s success, even if she herself has not completed her own goal.


10. She focuses on the positives as often as possible


A major habit of the most confident woman in the room is that she expects good things to happen and she focuses only on the positives of each situation, as often as possible. It may not be always, because sometimes things happen that are out of our control, so we can expect for people to be positive about stressful situations 100% of the time.

However, you will often find that a confident woman will seemingly have this happiness about them and this sort of nonchalant persona that you can almost sense or feel about them. When you have confidence in yourself, those around you, and in your actions, you genuinely believe that something good will come out of what you are doing.

Most confident people have frequent good days because they have a different perspective and they chose to focus on the positives and focus their attention on the good that outweighs the bad in every situation.

You have to practice waking up and going about your day with the mindset and expectancy that good things will happen! Especially if you have been working hard and manifesting your thoughts towards accomplishing your goals!


Remember, YOU have the power to let go of that inner mean girl in your mind who is telling you that you can’t do something!

She doesn’t control you, at least not anymore!

I want to know…

Which one of these tips do YOU need or want to work on the most to build your confidence? 

Let me know in the comments! Until next time!

xo, Cydney




  1. Sherri Taylir says:

    Hi, I just read your “confident woman” ‘ article and rejoiced. I realized that I already practice several of the tips you explain and it’s given me the confidence to keep working on me! One thing that made me smile was the fact that since I was a little girl, I have always told myself to never give up tomorrow because wonderful things might and can happen. I’ve been through very traumatic events and I still learned from them . I know I have to make my happiness. When I was in college, we had to take a class about how to succeed and the motto was “if it is to be, it is up to me”. I have kept that little nugget inside and use it when things get tough sometimes. Thank you for this article. Take care!

  2. Ronette Liverpool says:

    I’m interested to know more about fear challenges .Reading on being confident up lifted my spirit .

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