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8 Skincare + Hygiene Products You Need To Have When Traveling

skincare and hygiene products you need for your trip

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It’s officially Summer and vacation season is here! And I am here to share with you the 8 most essential skincare and hygiene products you need for your next trip! When it comes to traveling, it can be easy to neglect or derail from your typical skincare routine. With the dry, pressurized air in airplanes and the long road trips, you probably find yourself desperately wanting to wash your face, freshen up, and brush your teeth as soon as possible! I’m the exact same way!

That is why I always pack the right skincare and hygiene products in my carry on or in my purse so they are always reachable whenever I may need them! These products have changed the game of travel for me, and my body greatly appreciates the little, tiny extra effort that it takes me to pack them in my bag. And your body will thank you too when you start packing these simple 8 skincare and hygiene products!


8 Skincare + Hygiene Products You Need To Have When Traveling


skincare and hygiene products you need for travel

1. Deodorant 


This is definitely an absolute must when traveling! You never want to accidentally forget your deodorant and realize it when you’re walking around the streets of your destination. Or even worse, have the dreaded fear of being the smelly passenger on a crowded airplane.

I am a huge fan of all-natural deodorants! With deodorant, a product that you use every single day (that stays on your skin all day long!) it is so important to use clean, non-toxic, safe, and natural ingredients! I know many people are “iffy” about natural deodorants, because they have tried them without success, and I get it! I was the same way until I found Primally Pure! 

They have been my go-to brand for a while now, and they were the essential company when I transitioned to all-natural skincare products! 

My current favorite is the Tea Tree Deodorant! It is made will all-natural and organic ingredients such as grass-fed tallow, fair trade coconut oil, arrowroot powder, beeswax, and essential oils.


✨You can use my code “CM10” to save an extra 10% off your entire purchase at Primally Pure!


2. Lip Balm 


Along with deodorant, Primally Pure also has all-natural and organic lip balm! They come in numerous different, tasty flavors such as peppermint (my fav!), grapefruit, lavender, creamsicle, and cocoa. It’s funny but I switch the flavors out each season!


Wellness Tip: I personally LOVE to use the lavender-scented lip balm in the evenings (to help with sleep), and then I use the peppermint or grapefruit in the morning!


And while traveling, my lips get even more chapped than normal! Anybody else?

The reason I love Primally Pure’s organic lip balm is that it is made with coconut oil and shea butter. To deeply moisturize and heal chapped lips. And organic essential oils provide the flavors and benefits that you will love!


3. Sunscreen



This goes out to everyone, not just those who are vacationing to a beach (jealous!) or relaxing all day by the pool! SPF (sunscreen) is so important to wear on a daily basis, and is something that should not be forgotten about when traveling! This is definitely a skincare product that you need for your next trip, no matter where you are going!

Sunscreen helps protect us from harmful ultraviolet rays such as UVA and UVB rays. These harmful ultraviolet rays are highly responsible for signs of premature aging, wrinkles, and other skin issues/conditions.

Just like my other organic and non-toxic skincare and hygiene products that I pack with me, Organiblock all-natural sunscreen has to be my favorite!! I love this company’s sunscreen because:


  1. I can actually pronounce every single ingredient on the label
  2. It contains 100% organic plant oils and pure non-nano uncoated zinc oxide, with no artificial chemicals or toxins.
  3. Works well for both children and adults
  4. It isn’t heavy, greasy or oil-based. It absorbs better than any other sunscreen and doesn’t clog your pores!


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4. Facial Spray + Moisturizer 


Traveling on an airplane can cause my skin to get so dry and dehydrated! So a hydrating facial mist and/or moisturizer is an absolute must! For traveling in particular, my MUST HAVE go-to facial mist is the Primally Pure Geranium Complexion Mist!

This guy has been a total game-changer for me when I travel!


Here’s exactly why:


  • Organic Geranium hydrosol is a powerful regenerator that diminishes the appearance of scarring, fine lines and signs of aging.
  • Organic aloe vera juice works to hydrate and moisturizes the skin, helping to restore its natural youthful glow.
  • Organic witch hazel (an astringent) tones the skin + reduces inflammation.
  • Organic vegetable glycerin (a humectant) softens skin + locks in moisture.


Perfect for flying, am I right?! Along with the facial mist, I pair it with their Blue Tansy Beauty Cream! This beauty cream comes in 1 oz and 2 oz containers so you can easily pack them on the plane with you. The main reason I love this beauty cream is that it powerfully soothes irritated and inflamed skin while combating inflammation.

This cream also deeply nourished your skin without clogging pores since it has pure emu oil. Pure emu oil has robust anti-inflammatory properties and is often used to treat inflammatory skin conditions including acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

I use these two products on the plane, in the car, and in the mornings and evenings! They’re very hydrating and they give my skin that healthy, revitalizing glow + boost!


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5. Face + Body Wipes 



Along with my Primally Pure facial mist and moisturizer, packing face and body wipes are essential skincare and hygiene products I need for every trip I go on. On overnight flights or long road trips, my face tends to get very oily when I have the littlest of makeup on!

With that, I always keep a pack of hydrating and all-natural face wipes that don’t irritate my skin, so I don’t break out. Makeup remover wipes are not the only important thing that I bring along with me in my carry on. I make sure to pack hydrating and cooling body wipes that naturally deodorize, refresh and instantly cleanse away dirt, oil, and sweat – with no rinsing required. Ones that are plant-based, aluminum-free deodorant neutralizes and removes odors without leaving a sticky residue so you’re cool, fresh and ready-to-go! These are essential hygiene wipes for post-gym, travel or any time you need an instant refresh!


6. Toothpaste + Tooth Brush 


Never again will I travel without a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste in my carry on bag! I remember taking a trip to Paris, which was an overnight flight, and having to wait 5+ hours to brush my teeth after getting off the plane! There is something about airplanes (especially sleeping on them) that leaves me wanting to run to a restroom to brush my teeth as soon as I get off!

I used to think it was odd, seeing people brush their teeth in the public restrooms in the airport, but after that flight, I totally understood! Something about brushing my teeth instantly makes me feel better, healthier, and fresher. So, that is why I never pack my carry-on bag without my travel toothbrush and toothpaste!


7. Hand Sanitizer 


Whenever I travel anywhere, by car, airplane, etc. I always have a small hand sanitizer in my bag or purse! You touch a lot of things in airports, and when you go to eat your snack during the flight, make sure you are always prepared and have some hand sanitizer with you!

With that, I’m sure when you are on vacation or visiting a new place, you go out to eat more often than you normally would, right? And in some high-touristy areas, many delicious meal choices are often “street food” options and sold in food trucks. Especially in New York City! To be safe, always have a travel-sized hand sanitizer with you at all times!


8. Dry Shampoo 


Last but certainly not least, dry shampoo! Dry shampoo is vital for beach vacations, road trips, overnight flights, hiking trips, and just about any other travel destination! Especially when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wash or dry your hair.

Just like everything else, Primally Pure’s dry shampoo is a must! Are you starting to see a trend here? Lol! I love Primally Pure for their skincare and the fact that they have dry shampoo (the best I’ve ever used) is amazing!


Reasons why I ONLY buy Primally Pure’s dry shampoo


  • It is made with Kaolin clay and organic arrowroot powder to absorb moisture while adding texture and volume.
  • It is also made with organic essential oils of grapefruit (has natural cleansing properties), lavender (soothes the scalp) and peppermint (stimulates hair growth).


All other dry shampoo brands typically leave my hair feeling weighed down and greasy! But, Primally Pure’s dry shampoo is an all-natural, organic, and great smelling dry shampoo that freshens my hair and soothes my dry scalp, without jeopardizing volume! And the summer months are when I put it to ultimate use!


✨Remember!! Use the code “CM10” to save you 10% on your entire purchase with Primally Pure! ✨

Do you have any travel skincare + hygiene products that are essential to you? 


I’m always looking for new ideas and I would love to hear yours in the comments!

xo, Cydney


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