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I'm Cydney Marlene.

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15 Healthy 4th of July Desserts You Need to Make

healthy 4th of July desserts

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Happy July 1st! Today, I want to bring you the 15 most delicious and beautiful healthy 4th of July desserts, that you absolutely need to make! That way, you can enjoy the fireworks and the party without having to avoid the dessert table completely! Or worry about the added sugars and calories sabotaging your waistline!

Whether you’re looking for gluten-free, dairy-free, low in sugar, or clean, healthy ingredients I have gathered up the best, healthy 4th of July desserts that will please everyone!! Perfect for kids and adults!

This is your time to enjoy the holiday in the healthiest, happiest, and most balanced way possible! ❤️

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15 Healthy 4th of July Desserts You Need to Make!

15 healthy 4th of July Desserts


1. 4th of July Berry Pizza



This incredibly festive 4th of July berry pizza will definitely have you and your guests going back for second and thirds! It does not take much time at all to remake and this 4th of July dessert pizza will definitely be your delicious, dessert table centerpiece for sure! Find this recipe at!


2. Festive 4th of July Whole Wheat Cupcakes


healthy 4th of july whole wheat cupcakes

Photo From


This delicious 4th of July cupcakes will be a winning dessert that everyone will love! Children and adults! It was created by, and it is a perfect alternative to high-sugar and white-flour cupcakes.

She made these 4th of July cupcakes with all organic and nonprocessed ingredients, along with whole-wheat flour and coconut oil!

3. Red, White, & Blue Vegan Watermelon Cake 



This eye-catching, festive photo and uber-healthy, delicious recipe is from Abbey at Abbey’! This healthy, Red, White & Blue watermelon cake will be the healthiest dessert at your 4th of July party! Not only is it vegan but it is also low calorie, low fat, dairy-free and gluten-free! Perfect for anyone to eat!


4. Red, White, & Blue Cheesecake Salad Dessert 


red white and blue healthy cheesecake salad

Photo From


This easy to make and healthy Red, White, and Blue cheesecake salad from Lisa at, will be a perfect addition to your 4th of July celebration! It’s a great low carb dessert that only takes a couple of minutes to prepare, and your guests will absolutely love it!


5. Patriotic Dessert Skewers 



How cute are these patriotic, 4th of July inspired fruit kabobs from! They are made with fresh strawberries, pound cake, and blueberries! Super easy to make and a wonderful treat for the kids or the adult to enjoy around the pool!

They are so easy to make and will look fabulous on your dessert table. I’ve made them before with pound cake and with pineapple slices as the “white” in red, white, and blue. Both were absolutely delicious!


6. Festive Almond Bark Popcorn 


4th of july popcorn

Photo from


What is better and easier than popcorn?! This festive, 4th of July almond bark popcorn is the perfect treat to enjoy while watching the fireworks with the kids! Or to share with your partner or spouse cuddled up around a 4th of July party bonfire! Find this easy and delicious recipe at!


7. Watermelon Mint Pops



You have to remake these delicious, watermelon and mint pops from! They are a great alternative to popsicles for any day in the summer when you want a tasty, healthy, and refreshing treat!

What is summer without watermelon? It is full of vitamin C, naturally purified water, and delicious flavor, while the mint adds even more antioxidants and alkalizing health benefits! They are an amazing summer treat to give out at your 4th of July celebration!


8. Red, White, & Blue Strawberry Cheesecake Bites



How cute are these mini, strawberry cheesecake bites from Tracey at! They are so yummy and easy to recreate, and they will have your party guests’ running for more! Enjoy them as the perfect summer and 4th of July dessert, or as a cute addition to a 4th of July brunch before you head out on the boat!

9. Easy Flag Inspired Dessert



This picture-perfect party plater will be the staple at your 4th of July celebration this year! This beautiful, festive display and recipe are from Corey at, and it so easy to recreate! Serve this as a centerpiece on your food table or bring as the perfect, healthy snack to your 4th of July party!

10. Coconut Water & Fresh Berry Popsicles 



Beat the heat this 4th of July with these delicious, and super refreshing coconut water popsicles from Dena at! They only require two ingredients (fruit and coconut water) and they are also dairy-free and gluten-free!

Why add in all the extra sugar and calories that are in normal popsicles when you can get creative and make these coconut water and berry popsicles instead?! You and your kids will love them all summer long, and your guest’s children will be amazed at your healthy treat alternative!


11. Greek Yogurt Berry Cookies Tart


healthy strawberry cookie tart

Photo From


The picture just says it all, am I right?!

Wow your guests or fellow party goers, by creating this simple and easy to make, recipe from Erin at!

12. Strawberry & Blueberry Yogurt Pops


healthy 4th of july yogurt pops

Photo From


Your kids won’t be able to get enough of these strawberry and blueberry yogurt pops made from Lisa at! They are so easy to prepare and she has the cutest method for making them upright in the freezer overnight!

Take the stress out of your 4th of July party preparation, and make these adorable, 3 ingredients, festive yogurt pops!


13. Mini Berry Tarts 


vegan and paleo 4th of july tarts

Photo From


I love this idea from! Have any guests with specific food allergies? Make their 4th of July even brighter with these festive, mini berry tarts! They have a delicious, shortbread crust filled with coconut cream and fresh berries!

Not to mention, this sweet dessert is also paleo, gluten-free, and vegan! Perfect for any of your fellow party-goers this 4th of July!


14. Watermelon, Feta, & Blackberry Skewers 




Amy, from, has put together the perfect treat for the 4th of July that is both sweet and savory! If you’re hosting, make them for your party members as the cutest and healthiest little appetizer! Or, you can serve them as a fruity dessert that you and your guests will both love!

15. Watermelon Lemonade Slushies



I seriously can’t get over how cute these delicious, watermelon slushies are from! They are so simple to make and only require 2 ingredients! Also, for a yummy drink for the adults, add your favorite low-calorie alcohol to the mix! However you want to make them, they create the perfect frozen beverage for summer!


Which recipe was your favorite? 

Let me know in the comments! And have a wonderful, safe, and healthy 4th of July! ☀️

xo, Cydney


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