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I'm Cydney Marlene.

I'm so happy you are here! My main mission of this blog is to share with you my best tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you improve your everyday life and survive your 20's stress-free, happy, and healthy! I'm obsessed with all things wellness, coffee, dogs, and helping others live their happiest and healthiest lives!

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20 Simple Ways To Be A Better Person Today

how to be a better person

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Hey friend! I know you are already awesome! Especially since you are here, right now, reading this! But, today I want to touch on the 20 amazing (and super simple) ways to be a better person today!

Not only will ONE of these 20 ways make someone else’s day, but even just one of these ways will make YOUR day as well! Now you don’t have to have a ton of money, a ton of free time, or be Superwoman in order to be a good or better person.

You just have to put in a little extra effort when going about your day. It’s quick and easy, but creates a mighty impact on your life and somebody else’s life! Simply, go about your day being conscious about the wellbeing of others, looking for other people, and making people feel good and feel happy. And doesn’t the thought of that make you feel a little happy as well?

With that, here are my favorite 20 ways on how to be a better person, starting today! The moment you wake up! And, even though you are already amazing, let’s make this world a little brighter today! My challenge to you is…


Try doing ONE (or more) of these 20 meaningful ways to be a better person. And make the day a little

sweeter for yourself and for another person! 


How To Be A Better Person Today


20 ways to be a better person today



1. Say “hello” or “good morning” to your neighbor or the first person that you see


Acknowledge your next-door neighbor or the person that is walking by you on the way to work. Give them a tiny fraction of your time by wishing them a good morning, or just by saying hello! Greet them with the feeling of inclusion and acceptance.

The power and importance of saying hello to others can actually be very underrated! “When you speak to someone on the street, at your workplace, on campus or anywhere else, it leaves a lasting impression; it demonstrates a sign of respect and it also mirrors the way you were raised and the values your parents instilled in you.” (source)


2. Give someone a sincere compliment


If you love the sweater that your co-worker is wearing, if the barista’s hair looks gorgeous, if someone is doing an excellent job on a tough project, then tell them! Let the person know that you acknowledge them, appreciate them, or like something about them.

Not only will it bring a huge smile to their face, but it may just make their day or their entire week! One of the biggest “superpowers” we possess is the ability to lift others up in a matter of seconds! By simply complimenting them on something they do or on the person that they are.


3. Pay for another person’s coffee or meal 


If you’re in the drive-thru line at a coffee shop or if you are out to breakfast with a friend, treat them to a free coffee or a free meal!

That little act of kindness will go such a long way! And in most cases, what comes around goes around. The person behind you who’s coffee you bought, might just repay the favor by purchasing the person’s coffee behind them as well! And that act could continue on and on from person to person!

Not only will your small act of kindness inspire you to do more, but it will inspire the ones around you who saw or who were involved to do the same!


4. Put your grocery cart away


Instead of leaving your cart in the empty parking space beside your car, be courteous and walk the cart to the store entrance or to the designated cart spot in the parking lot. It takes a couple of seconds and you’ll be doing the employees and other customers a great favor! 


5. Open the door for someone


Try making it a new habit to take a quick look behind yourself as you’re walking up to a door. That way you ensure that you don’t accidentally close it on the person behind you.

It’s just courteous and polite to hold the door for someone! And while you’re at it, say hello or good morning to the person or wish them a good day!


6. Bring breakfast or lunch for your coworkers or friends


Bringing a box of donuts or some salads for your coworkers can easily boost everybody’s mood in the workplace! You can even hand out each one separately or personalize each of your co-worker’s orders! It’s a great way to start positive conversations in the morning or make the day a little sweeter by treating everyone to a delicious lunch!


7. Say “thank you”


Mean it when you say it as well! It sounds cliché, but a simple and genuine “thank you” can go a very long way!


8. Thank your cashier and/or the person who bags the groceries


Taking the small time to say thank you to a cashier or bagger will always brighten up their day! Also, make them feel appreciated and recognized by using their names when saying thank you! You’d be surprised how that little act of acknowledgment and gratitude can make a person’s day.


9. Clean up someone else’s mess


If someone left the Starbucks coffee bar full of straw wrappers, cream spills, and sugar, take a napkin and wipe it up. Not only will the employees greatly appreciate your help and kindness, but the customers will as well!

Or, if you live with a parent, partner, or spouse, take the time to pick up something that they left out or forgot to throw away. Don’t do it out of annoyance or irritation. Just do something small to help them out and let them know that you are there for them to help them out! You’d be surprised how happy you can make your parent or partner by doing a task so small!


10. Leave a generous tip


Did your nail technician do an excellent, precise job on the shape and design of your nails? Was the woman who did your hair sweet and easy to talk to? For me, I always like to show them how much I respect their hard work and politeness by giving them a larger percentage for a tip. For any place that I go to!

Even if the man at Starbucks was really sweet to the crabby customers ahead of me. I like to show him that I appreciate his kindness by giving him a larger bit of cash. Not only does it inspire employees to stay positive, but shows them that you acknowledge and appreciate them! 


11. Call a loved one that you haven’t seen or talked to in a while


Take a couple of minutes to randomly call all a loved one that you haven’t seen or talked in a while. Ask them how they are doing and how their day or week is going. Not only will it mean a lot to them right now, but these are moments that you and your loved one will cherish in the future!


12. Leave a positive note on a random car


Make the world a better and more positive place by simply leaving a kind and uplifting note on a car or on multiple strangers cars. Positive sticky notes that say kind reassurances such as: “you are enough,” “you are loved,” “you are beautiful,” “keep going,” etc.

These tiny acts of kindness can really make a huge impact on a random strangers day! In fact, your small gesture may even spark others to do the same and spread your kind messages to others. This actually happened for Ashley Raele, the CEO of Love Everywhere. She turned her encouraging hobby into her career. You have to read more about her and her story!


13. Speak kindly about other people


Please don’t gossip! Not only does it demolish and hurt the reputation of others but it hurts yours as well. Don’t spread negative, hurtful, or inaccurate information about someone to another person in the office, in class, or anywhere for that matter.

On the other hand, if you hear something kind and positive said about a friend or relative, tell them about it! Let them know how appreciated and respected they are by not only yourself but by others that are involved in their lives as well. Give them that great boost of confidence they may need or love to hear!


14. Pick up litter


If you spot an empty water bottle or an empty bag of food while walking around the park or your neighborhood, just pick it up. It’s very easy and requires little to no effort. Do your environment a favor and make it look pretty and free from garbage left by others. Be the superwoman (or man) that you are, and take that quick minute to clean up the world around you!


15. Smile at the person walking by you


Be the first one to smile when walking by someone. Just a simple smile can make a person feel noticed and content. You don’t have to speak verbally to them, but by smiling, you are already silently wishing them a good day or greeting them with a nice hello.


16. Put in a good word for a deserving person


Was your waiter very helpful, kind, funny, and all-around a quality employee? Is the new barista the sweetest and most uplifting person in the morning, despite how hectic and busy her morning shift may be? Put in a good word to their manager or boss to show how much you appreciate them and why you think they should be recognized and admired. Give that person the motivation and appraise that they deserve!


17. Listen


Sometimes, all a person needs is someone to listen to them speak. Give it to them. Listen to them talk about their life, the problems they are facing, or the situations that are occurring. Don’t compare yourself to their situations or throw yourself into the conversation.

It can be hard, but try to stay silent and just let them talk. Chances are that person will feel 10x better afterward, because you actually listened and they were able to vent and talk about anything that is bothering them! Having the ability to listen to others, without adding ourselves into the story, is one of the most important characteristics us as humans can possess!


18. Don’t drive like a jerk


No matter the situation, driving like an idiot is completely avoidable and unnecessary. Don’t get mad at the person who is driving the speed limit because you are late to work or to school. There is no need to swerve through traffic, speed, honk or get angry when it is no one else’s fault.

Try leaving earlier or bringing your own coffee instead of risking the chance of waiting in a long coffee line, making yourself late. There’s no reason important enough to put yourself or others in danger!


19. Leave your spouse, child, parent, etc. a morning note


Before you leave for work, school, the grocery store, back to bed, etc. take a second to write a sweet, little note to someone in your house. A child, a husband, a wife, a parent, etc.

Let them know that you love and appreciate them by wishing them a good day or simply by saying that you love them. Boost their mood and start their day off on a positive, happy note by leaving them a little message to begin their day!


20. Do a household chore you normally wouldn’t do


Does your husband usually mow the lawn or take out the trash? Surprise him one day after work by doing it for him! Is your mom the one who usually does the laundry or puts away the clean dishes? Take a moment of your time and check a small or large task off of her to-do list for her!

Take a simple or big weight off your loved ones or friend’s shoulders by doing a household job that you normally wouldn’t do! When completing the task, it may not be the most glamorous, but you’ll be well repaid when you see their smile and appreciation.

How do you plan to be a better person today? 


Let me know in the comments!

xo, Cydney


how to be a better person today


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