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I'm Cydney Marlene.

I'm so happy you are here! My main mission of this blog is to share with you my best tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you improve your everyday life and survive your 20's stress-free, happy, and healthy! I'm obsessed with all things wellness, coffee, dogs, and helping others live their happiest and healthiest lives!

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The #1 Productivity Hack (for women) That Will Blow Your Mind!

number one productivity hack for women

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Listen up, lady! Because you are going to LOVE this number one productivity hack for women (only) and it is going to absolutely blow your mind!

Who doesn’t love productivity hacks?? When I first heard this valuable piece of information, it definitely blew my mind, and I could not wait to share it with you!


Spoiler Alert:


✨We are talking about the SECRET KEY to optimizing your productivity levels while on your period and during the other three stages of your menstrual cycle! ✨



I’m sure when you think about your monthly cycle, productivity probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, did you know, as women, there are times when our bodies are naturally more productive than others? And wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to utilize the four phases of our own cycle, and use them to our advantage?!

So, to all my ladies out there (and men! You guys need to know this too for your girl) kick up your feet, grab yourself a cup of coffee, and get ready to dive in!



✨The #1 Productivity Hack For Women✨


(Spoiler: Productivity and YOUR Period!) 


number one productivity hack for women


Step 1: Understanding the Difference Between Men and Women When it Comes to Productivity and Energy Levels


As women, our brains are naturally wired or programmed for FOUR very crucial and very distinct types of productivity every single month!

And at different times of the month.


Women’s Hormonal Cycle:


Women cycle hormonally every 28 DAYS. But, you probably knew that girl!

For women, a menstrual cycle begins with the very first day of your period and ends with the beginning of your next period.


The menstrual cycle is completed in 4 stages:


  • Menstrual Phase (period) (Days 1-5)
  • Follicular Phase (Days 6-14)
  • Ovulation Phase (Days 15-17)
  • Luteal Phase (Days 18-28)


**I’ll talk more about these 4 phases and how they affect your productivity and energy levels as we go on!**


women's productivity levels during their menstrual cycle


An entire menstrual cycle varies female to female, or cycle by cycle, but typically lasts between 24-38 days. (source).


Men’s Hormonal Cycle:


Men hormonally cycle on a 24-HOUR cycle.

With that, instead of having a month-long or 28-day long hormone cycle like women, men complete an entire hormone cycle every 24 hours!


You can definitely see the drastic difference there!


Yet, our society is set up to assume that us women are going to show up and be the exact same as we were the day before. To places like work, meetings, school, social functions, etc.

And then, our culture and our society presume to tell women that they’re crazy, sensitive, over-emotional, etc…if they don’t act or feel the same as they did the day before.

With that, it is SO important for our culture to finally realize that women are NOT the same as they were the day before! Women are actually very predictable, just not on a 24-hour cycle like men. It is over a 28-day cycle!



Step 2: Track Your Cycle



Why is it so important to track your cycle? One of the unpopular reasons is to understand your bodies hormonal cycles of productivity!

This can help you learn the best time, according to YOUR body, to launch or finish a project, brainstorm a creative endeavor, plan for your next project, meet with a boss, or step back and reflect on operations.

So ladies, if you really want to increase your overall productivity skills, start by tracking your cycle! However, here’s the secret…


Do NOT just track your cycle when you’re in the menstrual phase (the week of your period)! 


Instead, track your cycle when you are in all 4 phases over the course of 28 days!


**There are so many ways to track your cycle, including numerous free apps that you can download! My favorite app is called CLUE. You can easily download it on an iPhone or Android, and I use this app every single month to track my cycle!**


So with all of that in mind, let’s talk more about how women can make use of their energy best over a 28-day cycle!

And… for an easier glance, let’s compare it to the 4 SEASONS that make up a year.

That way it is simple and easy to visualize!


Here are the reasons why each stage is so important for understanding your body’s prime days for optimal productivity:


“The Four Phases of Our Menstrual Cycle” (as Seasons)



the phases of the menstrual cycle



Phase 1: “Menstrual Phase” (Winter)


The “menstrual phase,” or the time that you are on your period, is the phase where our brains are most cross-wired between left (the logical side) and the right side (the creative side). And both the left and the right side of your brain are communicating more efficiently.

This phase allows you to be more intuitive, as well as improve your analytical thinking and long-range visionary thinking skills.

During this phase, your body will be most prepared and equipped to reflect on past and future projects or business decisions, re-evaluate whether your current path aligns with your vision, to research, and to reflect on what is working and what is not working to get you closer to your goals.


Phase 2: “Follicular Phase” (Spring)


This is the phase that you’re going to have the most energy! So your productivity levels are going to be through the roof!

During the follicular phase of your cycle, your brain is actually wired to create your most clever and profound ideas!

This is the time to plan out your next goals, brainstorm ideas, strategize, and to initiate new projects or tasks! Your brain is already naturally prepared to work hard and progress at planning/brainstorming during this phase of the month.


Related Post:“The 5 Greatest Planning Hacks You NEED To Know”


The “follicular phase” is also when you are most creative. During this phase, your estrogen increases, which allows you to hit your highest creative peak for that month.

Use this time to your advantage and get to planning! Or use this time to start strategizing new ideas, batch work, and/or begin new and exciting projects!


Phase 3: “Ovulation Phase” (Summer)


The “ovulation phase” is when we are our best at communicating! Our brain is the most verbal at this time of the month, the 15-17 day range, and the verbal centers in your brain will light up the most during the duration of this phase.

If you are an entrepreneur or girl boss, this number one productivity hack will definitely stand out to you! This is an essential time to create or assemble numerous podcasts, YouTube videos, workshops, webinars, video shoots, etc. Any jobs or tasks that are done verbally.

This phase is also the perfect time to talk with your boss and negotiate that raise you’ve been wanting to ask about. Or verbally present or pitch any new, beneficial ideas that you may have come up with at your next meeting!

Believe it or not, waitresses have actually reported that they receive their highest tips during their “ovulation phase!” Our communications skills flourish and one could say that we indeed become more “attractive” during this phase because our energy levels are up and we communicate more confidently!


Phase 4: “Luteal Phase” (Fall)


If you are a hard-working, thriving, busy boss lady then you are going to LOVE it when you are in the “luteal phase!”

But, I know what you may be thinking…this is the PMS stage…

Yes, it is, BUT this is also your POWER phase!

The “luteal phase” is the time when your brain is the most detail orientated and primed to power through the completion of your tasks and projects. This is the time for buffing out the rough edges, adding the finishing touches, proofreading, editing the finals stages of your project, etc.

Actually, the reason I titled this post as the number one productivity hack for women is because of this next fact about the “luteal phase.”

The “luteal phase” is longer than all the other phases. It is 10 days long, days 18-28, and that is not by accident! Your body is so incredible that it made this phase longer because your brain knows that it takes longer amounts of time to finish projects and tasks than it does to start them.


Crazy right?! 


So during this phase, take the time to sit down and finish the nitty-gritty, little ending details of all of your projects that you wish to complete!


✨Related Post: “How To Finally STOP Procrastinating Once And For All” 



This is a MAJOR productivity hack that I do not think many people know about! But isn’t it incredible to know that you can sync up your cycle with the projects, assignments, and task that you need to get done?! And now you know the PERFECT time to get them done, according to your body!

That is why this productivity hack just absolutely blew my mind!

How about you??


✨ Are you going to implement this mind-blowing hack into your monthly planning and productivity schedule?  ✨


Let me know in the comments and feel free to share this hack with your fellow females!! Until next time!


xo, Cydney

productivity hack for women that will blow your mind


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