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5 Fascinating Benefits of Dry Brushing

fascinating benefits of dry brushing

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So why is it important to brush your skin? Dry brushing has been a very popular healthy skincare and wellness practice for a couple of years now…and for some really good and useful reasons! Dry brushing is an incredible way to achieve beautiful, healthy, smooth and glowing skin. From the inside out! The fascinating benefits of dry brushing also include, detoxifying the body, stimulating the circulatory system, relieves stress from muscle tension, and dry brushing also stimulates the lymphatic system to improve the look of cellulite and boost immunity!

Simply take 2-5 minutes out of your routine before your shower, to reap all of the benefits that dry brushing brings!


5 Fascinating Benefits of Dry Brushing 

fascinating and healthy benefits of dry brushing



Benefits of dry brushing:


1. Exfoliates + removes dead skin cells


I noticed this the first time I tried dry brushing! Brushing and exfoliating dead cells off of your skin allows your body to release toxins a lot more efficiently. It also increases oxygen-rich blood flow and improves circulation, that way skin cells can turn over and renew. If you have dark spots or blotchy skin, that could be a cause of poor blood circulation. So, be sure to dry in circular motions, moving up your body starting by your feet, and working your way up towards your kidneys and heart.

Dry brushing will also give your body a natural energy boost. With that, I since dry brushing increases energy, I would recommend doing this when you take morning showers. However, it is a personal preference, so just do what works best for you!

By exfoliating your skin with a dry brush, you can help your skin stay clean, healthy, and rejuvenated. Allowing your skin to look more even and toned.


2. Detoxifies and supports the lymphatic system


Dry brushing stimulates and supports a healthy lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a major part of your body’s immune system. It’s also responsible for fighting off infections and keeping our bodies healthy and functioning effectively. In fact, doctor, author, and hormone expert, Sara Gottfried, defines dry brushing as the ultimate massage for your lymphatic system. “I think of dry brushing as a self lymphatic drainage massage,” she states. Brushing your skin has been shown to stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body and to help the body naturally detoxify!


3. Reduces the appearance of cellulite


Although cellulite is often caused by genetics, dry brushing can approve the appearance of cellulite over time, by smoothing out the skin. As stated in the other two tips, dry brushing stimulates circulation, improves lymphatic drainage, and removes toxin from the tissues in your body. In result, it makes your skin look smoother and improves your skin’s overall texture.

As a disclaimer, there isn’t a whole lot of proof to this claim, many different professionals will state different claims. It most likely depends on the person and their genetics, nutrition, and exercise levels as well. However, since dry brushing does exfoliate the skin, your skin will appear smoother, softer and more vibrant.


4. Reduces and clears pores 


When you exfoliate your skin, you are not only removing dead skin cells, but you are removing dirt, oil, and residue from your pores as well! This allows your body to stay more hydrated, absorb nutrients more effectively, and stimulate collagen production. Which is a huge plus! Read more about the importance of collagen here!

If you want to try dry brushing the skin on your face, I recommend using a smaller and softer dry brush! Especially those with sensitive skin. You want to be gentle at all times, not only on your face but on your body as well! I personally only use a dry brush on my body, and I haven’t tried it on my face yet. If you have sensitive skin and try it out please let me know what you think!


5. Relieves stress 


For many people, myself included, dry brushing can relieve stress and act as a therapeutic or meditative. I look at dry brushing as a form of self-care that takes me less than two minutes to accomplish. It genuinely makes you feel good, more confident in the appearance of your skin, and it’s a wonderful way to pamper and rejuvenate in very little time. In fact, dry brushing can also ease and soothe sore muscles by reducing inflammation and muscle tension.


How to dry brush your skin (4 simple steps): 


1. Start by choosing the correct dry brush 


I recommend using a soft, natural bristle brush. It’s much less harsh on your skin, and it is safe for those who have sensitive skin. I use this one!!

Aggressive and hard skin brushing can actually irritate the skin instantly or overtime. Those who have very sensitive skin, eczema, or other skin conditions may want to skip dry brushing altogether. Or, just pay attention to how YOUR body responds.

Do not ignore warning signs such as discomfort, itchiness, redness, or pain! If done the correct way, dry brushing sessions could benefit most people.

As an added reminder, please avoid sensitive areas, don’t use overly firm or rough bristles, and immediately stop if bothersome symptoms do occur!


2. Before you shower


The best time to dry brush is before your shower. Typically in the shower, since you are exfoliating and removing the dead skin cells. This can be done either in the morning, to wake and energize your body, or at night if you prefer dry brushing as a therapeutic way to help you relax and wind down.


3. Begin at your feet, working your way up towards your heart 


Begin at your feet and brush upwards in a gentle, counterclockwise direction. Using slow strokes bringing the brush over your stomach, and then brushing from your hands to your heart. After that, brush down toward your underarms to help flush out toxins and improve/stimulate lymph drainage. Be sure to always use light pressure! You only want to go gently but effectively, using a little bit of pressure to exfoliate the skin and to get the blood and lymphatic fluid moving.


4. Moisturize and hydrate with a body oil


After you are done showering, apply some hydrating, all-natural body oil to enjoy your skin’s newfound radiance and glow!




How often should I dry brush? Honestly as often as every day or as little as once a week. Whatever works for you, your schedule, and your skin type. Always listen to your body and see how your skin reacts the first time trying it.

How do I clean my brush? After each use simply spritz the bristles of the dry brush with an organic tea tree spray and leave it dry in a well-ventilated area. Or wash it with hot water and tea tree oil soap and lay it out to dry, bristles down, in a dry and well-ventilated area.



I hope you found this post helpful!!

Are you going to give dry brushing a try? 

Let me know!

xo, Cydney


  1. Tiffany says:

    This was really informative. Great tips! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Interested in doing collabs? xx

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