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6 Healthy Skincare Habits For Glowing and Clean Skin

6 healthy skincare habits

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I have definitely had my fair share of acne struggles in the past! In fact, pretty much every year throughout middle school and high school. I was so lost on how to help my skin, what products I should have been using, and most of all why the products that were so popular in stores such as Ulta or Sephora weren’t working for me as they claimed they would. Although I am at a much better place with my skin, and I only get the occasional break out around a certain time, (ladies, you feel me), it has taken about 9 to 10 years of constant trial and error to find what finally worked! After incorporating these 6 healthy skincare habits into my routine, I learned that some of the best results were from very basic things that I just altered in my routine.

Now I know that my skin is not perfect. Who’s is?! But, it has come along way from what it used to be! So, without further waiting, these are the 6 healthy skincare habits for healthy, glowing and clean skin! Habits that so simple to implement into your routine, that you could even begin some of them today!


6 healthy skincare habits



1. Change your pillowcase 


Many dermatologists recommend washing or changing your nightly pillowcase(s) every two days to one week in between uses. Especially if you are prone to breakouts or even blackheads. Your pillowcase harbors a buildup of dirt, oil, sweat, and air pollutants that you come into contact each and every day. Even if you are one who religiously washes your face or showers before bed, a percentage of these bacteria particles will still remaining. Making themselves nice and comfy on your pillowcase when you lay down for the night.

Residue on your hair from conditioners, moisturizers, shampoos, oils, and gels, also made up of microscopic irritants that can be found on your pillowcase. Although these products are beneficial for your hair, they don’t do anything to benefit your clear, glowing, and clean skin. This is why many dermatologists urge individuals to change their pillowcase every two days to a week. Of course, this always depends on the person and their skin type. So, if you are prone to acne or have very sensitive and irritated skin, try it out!

Helpful Tip: 


Be cautious when using dryer sheets and fabric softeners any time that you wash and dry your pillowcases. Dryer sheets and fabric softeners have been shown to leave a waxy residue on pillowcases, which could be the culprit of your clogged pores. Those you struggle with acne, especially blackheads, would most likely benefit from avoiding the use of dryer sheets!



2. Opt for all-natural, non-toxic skincare products 



A gentle, all-natural, and non-toxic skincare regime is so vital for the overall health of your skin. And just on your face! As mentioned above in tip #1, we are exposed to numerous toxins and pollutants each day. However, it is not just the outdoors where we can come into contact with these toxins. Our bodies absorb everything that we put into our skin! From the lotions and moisturizers that we put on, to the body mist and perfume that we use. When it comes to basic, conventional skincare products such as cleansers, soaps, oils, and scrubs, most are loaded with ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin, aggravate acne, and even cause the appearance of premature aging. However, this is where non-toxic and all-natural skincare products come into play!

For the past year, I have been loving and raving about the brand Primally Pure and all of the products that they have to offer! My favorite products so far have to be the cleansing oil (I use the one for normal skin), the Geranium complexion mist (perfect for the warmer months!), the blue tansy beauty cream, and the blue tansy natural deodorant! And you what is even better?! I can get all of these products that I mentioned for under $100! Using the coupon code CM10 will save you 10% on any order from Primally Pure! They just launched their facial serums and they have a new soothing serum coming out soon. And I cannot wait!



3. Hydrate immediately after cleansing 



I have noticed a major difference in my skin since hydrating my skin as soon as I get out of the shower. Note that I always do this while my body is still damp that way the product can absorb better into my skin and lock in that moisture! I alternate between my favorite body butter and my go-to body oil, depending on how deeply I want to moisturize my skin. Whether that be in the warmer or cooler months. But each of them provides that extra boost of nourishment to my skin!



4. Clean your phone screen & glasses regularly 



This is a big one! And one that not many people think to do on the regular. Did you know that a recent study found more than 17,000 bacterial genes on the cell phones of average high school students?! Pretty eye-opening! Scientists have also concluded that cell phones carry 10x more bacteria than most toilet seats. Who else just looked disgustedly at their phones and went to go clean them? Yeah me too after reading that!

To fight against these germs, try keeping your phone further away from your face when answering or making phone calls. Also, make it habit to start adding your phone into your skincare routine as well. Sounds weird I know, but in the morning when you are washing your face or about to hop in the shower, take a moment to wipe down the surface of your phone with a cleaning cloth or an antibacterial wipe. Same ritual for when you are taking your makeup off in the evening. Try making it a habit to add this quick step to your am and pm skincare + hygiene routines.


Helpful Tip: 


If you wear glasses, make it a habit to clean them a couple of times a day as well. I used to wear glasses, and even then it never really crossed my mind to be more intentional about cleaning them. Many people with acne-prone skin have even noticed a substantial difference in the reduction of their eyebrow or temple pimples. Definitely, something to add into your routine while you’re washing your face and cleaning your phone screen!



5. Be patient & consistent



I know, I know, we all want to see quick and positive results yesterday, am I right? One thing I have realized, after suffering for over 10 years with acne, is to always stay patient and consistent in your skincare regime. Who else would switch their routine after only maybe two weeks with zero results? I’m definitely referring to my 13-year-old self right now. It’s so important to know that most skin care products take roughly a month to actually kick in and start working. Especially all-natural and non-toxic skincare products since they go extra hard at removing the built-up dirt, sweat, and grime that you may have accumulated deep within your skin. But that is how you know that they work!! So do not be worried if you face tends to “get worse before it gets better.” That is so common!

Remember that consistency is key! Always stick to your routine every morning and night. But especially at night to remove all the dirt, oil, and sweat that you were exposed to throughout the day! Yes, even when you are tired or even if you didn’t wear make up that day.



6. Change your mindset when approaching your skincare regime 



Going off of the last tip, you want to make sure that you are staying consistent and religiously washing your face each night. Even if you didn’t wear any makeup that day or even if you are oh so tired. I’m pretty sure we have all been there in the past. When it’s late and all you want to is crawl into bed, and the thought of a 3-5 step skincare routine sounds like torture. Sound familiar? Instead, change your mindset when approaching your skincare routine!

For starters, I always recommend beginning your skincare regime early instead of waiting until the last minute. Then, begin looking at your skincare regime as your own little pamper session or spa evening. Even the set the mood if you want to! My all-time favorite go-to spa-inspired evening is to run a bath, add in some detoxing Epsom salt, and put on a soothing playlist. I then light a few candles and begin washing my face with my oil-cleaner from Primally Pure and step into the bath. Afterward, I finish up with the rest of my skincare routine. Which honestly, is pretty simple! It goes – oil cleanser, facial mist (right now its the Geranium facial spray or Lavender at night), and then beauty cream (for moisturizer). That’s it!


And since every night, unfortunately, cannot be a “spa night”…


This three-step, quick, and easy skincare routine literally takes me 5 minutes at the most! So now I can’t make any more excuses for skipping out on my skincare routine, morning or night!



What would you say is one thing that has changed your skin for the better?

I would love to know!

xo, Cydney



  1. Holly says:

    After reading your skin care routine, I immediately cleansed and hydrated and have been faithfully doing every morning and night! I also have been drinking lemon water every morning and feel fantastic!! Thank you for enlightening me on these crucial tasks that cannot be forgotten❤️

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