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5 Surprising Things Confident People Never Do

5 surprising things confident people never do

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People who are confident in themselves know 100% that they have what it takes to succeed and live the life they want to achieve. Along with that, there are specific things that confident people just don’t do! This is because they know that doing these things are going to cause them to feel doubtful, insecure, and unsure about their decisions. Not to mention, completely deplete their levels of self-confidence and self-worth. And because they are mindful of these feelings, confident people do not allow their minds to go anywhere near there! They know that not doing these things and keeping themselves away from these things is going to help them become more confident and help them maintain their confidence. These are little things that many of us may not even realize that we are doing, but they are depleting our confidence and decreasing our ability to believe in and trust in ourselves. So with that, these are the 5 surprising things confident people never do!



5 surprising things confident people never do


1. They don’t wait for permission from others 


Confident people don’t need to be guided by others and they do not need someone to tell when or how to do something. They don’t waste precious time thinking self-doubting questions like, “Can I really do this…?” or “Should I do this…?” Confident people look at their goals and their dreams and ask themselves, “Why haven’t I started…?” or “Why wouldn’t I do this…?” They don’t wait for someone else to come along and grant them permission. Confident people go out and begin to tackle their aspirations as soon as possible. Confident people know that they have their own unique skills and talents that they can bring to the table. They don’t wait for someone else to jump on an opportunity for them or take control of the situation for them. They see and know what needs to be done, and they go for it.


2. They don’t let fear or self-doubt dictate their decisions


Let’s be real! We all feel fear and we all have self-doubt at times. Especially in those pivotal moments where we are making tough and life-changing decisions. It happens to all of us, we are all human and sometimes we just can’t control it. However, these feelings of self-doubt and fear are different when it comes to people who are confident. Confident people decide if they are going to let that feeling of insecurity and self-doubt control and ultimately make their final decisions for them. Or, if they are going to look at fear straight in the face, and simply do what they want to do anyway.

Many of us believe that success and courage only come after we have beaten and overcame our fear, correct? Like when you think about your future dreams and your successful outcome, you most likely think about how you have no fears or eventually learned to overcome all of the fears, right? Well, it doesn’t exactly work like that. Confident people know that, more often than not, fear just comes along with them. Confident people feel the fear, but they do it anyway.


They do it scared. 


Let me put it this way, are you currently waiting on the sidelines, praying, and hoping for the moment when you will be less fearful, less doubtful, and when you will feel 100% ready? If you are, then that is okay! Many of us have been there or we are going through it right now! Because the truth is, there are very few times in our lives when we want something so bad, something so much bigger than ourselves, and we don’t feel this intense feeling of anxiousness and butterflies in our stomach. There are very few times where the thoughts of self-doubt and questioning don’t come in and try to ruin our big plans. Or leave questioning if we are worthy or good enough. We have all had those feelings before!

And although confident people feel those feelings and those fears, they acknowledge them, and they simply say, “I’m doing it anyway, whether or not I’m afraid.” They know that if they want to grow and succeed, they have to be willing to do whatever they want to do with their fear riding along beside them.


3. They don’t seek constant attention or praise from others


Confident people never think they have to be perfect or the best, or have it all figured out or all together. They don’t feel that they have to be the most beautiful, the richest, or the most successful person in the room in order to feel worthy and to feel good about themselves! Confident people do not need to have prerequisites in order to feel good about themselves right now.

Along with that, people who are the most confident don’t need constant praise, approval, or attention from others to make themselves feel worthy or valuable. With that, they don’t believe that their success is only dependent on the approval of others. Those who are self-confident are also okay with the fact that there will people who don’t like them or criticize them for their life choices. Simply, they do not get caught up in any negative feedback! They know that no matter what they do, they will have those people who judge them for their decisions. And throughout every negative comment, they know their worth and they accept themselves for who they are. Confident people don’t care about what others think of their choices. They know that having the desire or the need to be accepted by everyone and praised for all of your work is not confidence, it’s actually narcissism.


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4. They don’t let people manipulate them  


Confident people establish healthy boundaries and they do not let other people treat them however they want to treat them. They allow themselves to have and focus on their own needs, wants, opinions, and preferences. With that, they always communicate those desires in a kind, respectful, and responsible way. Confident people don’t push their ideas and their opinions forcefully on people, but they also don’t let other people push them around with their opinions and ideas. They always stay in their own lane or own space, and with that, they do not let other people invade or manipulate their space. It is so empowering when you know that you can stand confidently and comfortably in who you are, and what you are, and how you are, and why you are! And you can fully and freely express, share, and communicate that in humble and responsible ways to others.


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5. They don’t judge or put others down


People who are confident in themselves do not feel the need to put others down in hopes that it will make themselves look better. They have no time to waste for unnecessary, petty, and self-inflicted drama. This is because they are truly confident and love themselves for who they are! With that, confident people also don’t judge or look down at others to simply feed their own ego or to intimidate others. And they are definitely not intimated by the success of those around them. If anything, confident people are willing to pick others up and encourage them to be their best selves!

Which one of these do you feel you need to work on the most to boost your self-confidence?

Let me know in the comments! Until next time!

xo, Cydney


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