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I'm Cydney Marlene.

I'm so happy you are here! My main mission of this blog is to share with you my best tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you improve your everyday life and survive your 20's stress-free, happy, and healthy! I'm obsessed with all things wellness, coffee, dogs, and helping others live their happiest and healthiest lives!

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6 Simple Ways To Up Your Wellness Game

6 simple ways to up your wellness game

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As you may have already noticed – I am all about wellness and the latest wellness trends! However, do you ever feel slightly (or majorly) overwhelmed by where to begin when it comes to wellness? From dry brushing, to living more sustainably, to practicing mindfulness, to simply adding in more fruits and veggies to your diet. It’s as if the list of wellness tips and tricks for a better lifestyle is never-ending, and we simply cannot keep up! So, that is why I thought I would share with you my top 6 simple ways to up your wellness game in today’s post. These 6 tips are perfect for those who are new to wellness or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle without changing up their entire routine to see some substantial results! 💛



6 simple ways to up your wellness game



1. Hot lemon water in the morning


Lemon water is one of the best ways to up your wellness game! And, of course, start your morning off healthy and hydrated! When you wake up, your body is slightly dehydrated from a full night of rest. With that, drinking a large glass of water will rehydrate you and wake up your digestive system. Not to mention, drinking water first thing in the morning will also help to balance your hormonal response that controls hunger.

But why should you add lemons??

Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your cells from any damaging free radicals in the body. Along with that, vitamin C also improves skin quality. This means that lemon water can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, rehydrate the skin, and reduce the damage from harmful sun rays. Up your wellness game right off the bat every morning with a warm cup of fresh lemon water!


6 simple ways to up your wellness game


2. Daily supplements 


Basic daily supplements are so important for your immune system and your overall health and wellness. Especially around this time of year when the weather is getting chillier. While supplements do not replace eating real and whole foods, I do believe that everyone should be taking high-quality daily supplements to fill in any nutritional gaps in their diet. Not to mention, supplements are one of the easiest ways to up your wellness game and add to your everyday routine. So what are some of my recommendations for daily supplements? I definitely suggest, especially for my fellow 20-something-year-olds, adding in an everyday multivitamin, probiotic, and fish oil (Omega-3) supplement!

Multivitamins are definitely the foundation of a good supplement regime. It will act as your first level of defense against nutritional gaps or deficiencies in your diet. Probiotics promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria, and they have been linked to a wide range of health benefits! For instance, your digestive system needs the healthy bacteria from the probiotic to keep it functioning properly and efficiently. Processed foods, diets rich in sugar, and chronic stress can cause the balance of your gut’s good-to-bad bacteria to be completely out of wack. That is why adding a high-quality probiotic to your daily routine is so important for your overall wellness and gut health.

Lastly, you want to make sure that you are getting enough omega-3’s in each day! I personally take 3 fish oil supplements each morning along with my personalized supplement pack from the brand, Care/of! Fish oil (omega 3’s) is vital for those who suffer from joint pain and/or arthritis. Additionally, omega 3 supplements also support brain function, vision, and heart health!


What do I take as a 20-something-year-old?


I absolutely recommend the supplement company Care/of! I’ve tried dozens of supplement brands and products in the past and I trust Care/of 100%! They are the only brand that I buy my supplements from, and I have been using them for about a year and a half now. I know that Care/of will provide the right vitamins and supplements personalized for me because you can take a quick 5-minute quiz right on their website that tells them exactly what you need for bone, brain, muscle, skin, nails, and hair health! You then tell them your current supplement and lifestyle routine, along with your future goals, so they can personalize your supplements specifically for your wants and needs! It seriously takes the hassle out of researching and buying any supplements that you may need!


3. Moment of gratitude 


In the famous words of Ferris Bueller…



Taking a moment of gratitude each day does exceptional things for your mental health and your overall happiness! Studies have shown that taking a moment of your day to focus on gratitude (even just 10 minutes!) will bring you many physiological and psychological benefits! These benefits include better sleep, reduced stress, a more positive mindset, an increase in mindfulness, and higher levels of happiness in your daily life. And remember, it doesn’t matter when you practice gratitude!

Personally, I don’t have a set time to practice gratitude each day. It can be morning, afternoon, at work, at school, or in the evening before bed. It can be very easy to get caught up in materialism and the busyness of life and forget to show your appreciation for what you have. Take 10 minutes of your day today to reflect on the little (or big) things that you are grateful for!


4. Add turmeric 


Turmeric is the ultimate champion superfood that acts as a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, all while lowering levels of enzymes in the body that cause inflammation! Turmeric is also great for improving cognitive function, preventing heart disease, and even improving symptoms of arthritis and depression. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to sprinkle this little spice on all of your foods?? While its bright yellow color may be bold, the taste of turmeric is actually pretty mild. In that case, you can add it to many of your everyday foods! You can sprinkle turmeric on pre-roasted veggies such as carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, etc. along with cinnamon, cayenne seasoning, or any other warming spices that are perfect for the fall season!

Another way you can easily add turmeric into your diet is by sprinkling it on your morning (or afternoon) latte! Add in some almond milk, coconut, cinnamon, and turmeric and you have a healthy and great-tasting Turmeric latte!


5. Daily physical activity 


It’s honestly the little things in fitness that keeps a healthy lifestyle fun for me! And one of those things is being able to move my body once a day in any way that I want or find enjoyable. I used to follow strenuous workout plans that would require me to stay in a gym for hours at a time. Or include an hour of fasted cardio – because remember when that was the fitness fad a few years back?

Nowadays, I like to stay active each day by doing what I think is fun at that moment. If I would rather go for a walk than lift weights than that’s what I do. If I feel like going for a bike ride or doing some yoga than that’s what I choose to do that day. I no longer make or follow any type of “rules” anymore when it comes to physical activity. And honestly, I feel healthier and freer than I ever did in the past when following any other type of fitness plan.

To me, health and fitness and should be fun and enjoyable. Especially when you’re first starting out, I feel that the more simple you keep things, the further you can go and improve. Don’t plan to do workouts that you dread, because chances are, you probably won’t even end up doing them. Whatever kind of physical activity that is fun and enjoyable for you, get up and go do that! If a certain type of exercise doesn’t sound fun to you, then don’t force yourself to do it!


6. Ending your day with tea


As a devoted coffee lover, I never used to be a fan of tea. However, in recent months, tea has become one of my go-to 6 simple ways to up my wellness game! But, to be honest, you probably won’t see me switching out my morning coffee for tea anytime soon. That is why I opt to drink a warm cup of tea before I go to bed! I find it to be more soothing anyway, and it helps me fall asleep quicker! I switch back and forth between green and peppermint tea each night because of their incredible health benefits.

Drinking green tea before bed has been shown to aid in healthy digestion and reduce nighttime cravings! And peppermint tea is just as helpful! Peppermint tea is an excellent sleep aid, and it also helps to keep your body hydrated throughout the night. It is essential for those who have digestive issues or for those who often have an upset stomach that disturbs them when they’re trying to fall asleep. Better yet, both of these teas are delicious and naturally sugar-free. Making them the perfect after-dinner ritual to easily up your wellness game!

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What are some of your daily wellness habits? 

xo, Cydney


  1. Chocoviv says:

    These are great reminders!

  2. Isn’t it interesting how simple all of these things are and yet, we always seem to forget so many of these! I recently just started taking probiotics and I’ve noticed a definite increase in energy and seem to be sleeping better! So simple! But such a huge shift!

  3. […] 6 Simple Ways To Up Your Wellness Game […]

  4. Mandy says:

    I recently decided to cut waaaaaayyyyy back on coffee and add more tea to my day. I have a dual-purpose beverage maker that can use either ground coffee or K-cups. I’ve begun buying ground coffee so that I have to make the extra effort for coffee and tea k-cups so that tea is quick and easy. It just goes to show that being bone lazy has its upside!!

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