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Happy Friday, my friends! For today’s post, I’m sharing gift guide #10: gifts for her, all under $50! Let’s get into them!       1. Silk Pillowcase – Essential for healthy, strong hair, and radiant skin! 2. Mini Fridge For Skincare Items – I love using this to store my skincare items such as my face serums, […]

Gift Guide #10: Gifts For Her (Under $50)

Gift Guide #10: Gifts For Her (Under $50)

Unsure of what to get your coworker(s) this holiday season? I have you covered with gift guide #9: for your favorite coworker! All of these ideas are perfect whether you’re selecting a specific person, or if you’ve been given the name of a random coworker for a Secret Santa gift. With that, let’s get into […]

Gift Guide #9: For Your Coworker

Gift Guide #9: For Your Coworker

Hey there! Today’s post is for gift guide #8: for your fit friend on your list! I have compiled some of my favorite health and wellness items to make up this gift guide for either yourself or someone who loves to workout/prioritize their health and fitness goals! Perfect for going into 2021 as well!   […]

Gift Guide #8: For Your Fit Friend

Gift Guide #8: For Your Fit Friend

Happy December 1st! Today’s post is for gift guide #7: for the clean freak on your list! We all have someone on our list (my mom, haha) whether they are a family member or a friend who would greatly appreciate these gifts! Let’s get into them!     1. Electric Cordless Spin Mop – Most of our […]

Gift Guide #7: For The Clean Freak

Gift Guide #7: For The Clean Freak

Happy Monday! Today’s post is for gift guide #6 for the coffee lover on your list this year! Or, if you’re anything like me, these might just be the gifts you’ll be buying for yourself, haha! Let’s dive in!     1. Copper French Press – This is the one I have and it works great! I […]

Gift Guide #6: For The Coffee Lover

Gift Guide #6: For The Coffee Lover

If you’re currently working or doing online school from home, this one is for you! Today’s post is for gift guide #5: at-home office/desk essentials! These gifts are perfect for sprucing up your at-home workspace or essential for anyone on your list who is having to work or do school from home.       […]

Gift Guide #5: At-Home Office/Desk Essentials

Gift Guide #5: At-Home Office/Desk Essentials

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have/had a wonderful and safe time with your loved ones this year! Today’s post is for gift guide #4: the law of attraction/spirituality. These gifts are perfect for those looking to invest in their spiritual growth, practice mindfulness/meditation, and focus on self-improvement!       1. Law of Attraction: The Science […]

Gift Guide #4: Law of Attraction/Spirituality

Gift Guide #4: Law of Attraction/Spiritual Gifts

Happy Wednesday! Today’s post is for gift guide #3: car must-haves! I love all of these gift ideas, however, I think these items would be especially great for a new driver on your list! Or, for someone on your list who has a long commute in their car to work/school, or someone who simply loves […]

Gift Guide #3: Car Must-Haves

Gift Guide #3: Car Must-Haves

Today’s post is for gift guide #2: for the traveler/adventurer on your list this year! I love all of the products and have found them incredibly helpful in recent trips! Whether I’m traveling by plane or car.     1.Carry-on Rolling Suitcase – This is such great luggage that contains so many pockets and compartments for […]

Gift Guide #2: For The Traveler

Gift Guide #2: For The Traveler

Happy Monday, my friend! I’m bringing you another recipe box review for my all-time favorite essential oils company, Simply Earth! If you’re a loyal reader of mine, then you already know how much I love Simply Earth and what this wonderful company stands for. However, if you are stumbling across my website for the first […]

Simply Earth Essential Oils December 2020 Box Review

Simply Earth Essential Oils December 2020 Box

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