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I'm Cydney Marlene.

I'm so happy you are here! My main mission of this blog is to share with you my best tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you improve your everyday life and survive your 20's stress-free, happy, and healthy! I'm obsessed with all things wellness, coffee, dogs, and helping others live their happiest and healthiest lives!

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The Best Way To Personalize Your Morning Wellness Routine

personalize your morning wellness routine

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We all know that when it comes to health and wellness, it is not a one size fits all. At least, we should know that! However, popular diet trends like low-carb, keto, gluten-free, Atkins, vegan, etc. show us that many people will hop on whatever latest “health” regime that promises them the easiest and quickest results. For example, you see that keto worked on your friend, so you are 100% convinced that you will yield the same results. And with nearly all diet and wellness trends – what works for someone else, may not work the same way for you. With all of the latest and greatest wellness brands and trends making their way around the internet, it can be hard to research and figure out what will truly work best for you.

This is why I have been obsessed with the brand Care/of this past year! Not only are they completely personalized for YOU, but they come in custom, individual monthly packs, so you will never forget to take them!

Making them the perfect way to up your game and personalize your morning wellness routine!

Say goodbye to the stress of researching and picking out your supplements in the store! Plus, say goodbye to even having to go to the store! Double bonus! On Care/of’s website, all you have to do is take a short quiz and answer the questions based on your current lifestyle, diet, and health. It’s honestly quicker than waiting in a coffee line, and it is just as fun as taking one of those Buzzfeed quizzes to find out which character from The Office you are! P.S. I got Michael Scott, and I’m totally fine with that!



personalize your morning routine


Based off of the information from the quick, 5-minute quiz that you take, Care/of offers a selected list of supplement recommendations, that will work best for you! Of course, this information is all decided on your current supplement routine, your lifestyle routine, and your future health goals.

This way, the doctors over at Care/of can tell you exactly what you need for your overall bone health, brain health, muscle health, skin, hair, nails, etc. Therefore, you no longer need tons of money to visit an expensive, high-end nutritionist like your favorite celebrities! You just go over Care/of!

Not to mention, these cute supplement packages are perfect for the girl on the go as well! Which, let’s be honest, is most of us busy, 20-something-year-olds!


Take the quiz here! And find out which vitamins work best for you and your future wellness goals! 


So, why do I need to take supplements in the first place? 


Since I was young, I haven’t always been the best at taking vitamins or supplements. To tell you the truth, I never really understood the main concern with taking them. I figured if I am eating all of the required nutrients day to day, why do I need to take extra supplements? Well, to go along with that, there are 2 important things you should know about supplements!


  1. High-quality supplements fill in any nutritional gaps and allow your cells to function properly and to reach their optimum levels of nutrition.

  2. The supplements you choose to take, according to your body, are essential!


While preferably, you want to try your best to get all of your vitamins and nutrients through the foods that you eat. However, it is difficult to do so for the majority of the population. No matter how healthy and balanced we try to eat, the vitamin content in our foods is often out of our control. Many of us are eating foods (even healthy foods!) that have been shipped to our local grocery stores from thousands of miles away, and grown in nutrient-depleted soil. This is why we need to include supplements in our morning wellness routines! In order to receive all of the vitamins and minerals, our bodies aren’t getting from the foods we eat. Even if you are making healthy, organic food choices!

Therefore, I ALWAYS recommend purchasing supplements from a company that creates products that all work together! And a company that 100% truly knows what you need and what you don’t! That way, you can create a supplement regimen that is personal, effective, and super simple to do every day!

Because remember, I am all about sustainability and keeping it simple! We are constantly on-the-go and rushing in our everyday lives! So with that, I don’t expect you to remember that you have to take numerous pills from numerous different bottles in your kitchen cabinet.


personalize your morning wellness routine


Why should I choose Care/of for my supplements instead of going to my local store??


Well, Care/of already handled that question! 😉Here is a list of reasons why Care/of should be your go-to supplements in your personalized wellness routine!


Care/of makes your morning wellness routine 10x easier! 


Beyond not having to get up from your couch to simply answer questions about yourself and order a fully customized pack of supplements…

They are also delivered straight to your door in cute, little, day-by-day packets! Therefore, you no longer have to take a trip to Target to aimlessly look up and down the vitamin aisle, confused about which supplements to buy. You won’t have to keep questioning what supplements you truly need, or add “get more vitamins” to your grocery store list. Since you can control how often you will receive these adorable packets delivered straight to your doorstep! (Monthly, bimonthly, etc.)


They make you feel good! 


Not only from a health and wellness standpoint, but a financial standpoint as well!

Did you know that many of the vitamins and supplements that are sold in even some of the best health food stores are not regulated by the FDA?! Well, with Care/of, you don’t need to worry about that! Care/of has created their own, unique line of vitamins and supplements, all from the highest quality ingredients and thoughtfully curated producers.

As stated on Care/of’s website, “We introduce products when we feel they meet our strict principles of quality, transparency, and efficacy. We will never claim to have the widest assortment; others can stock thousands of products. Our curated selection allows us to be deliberate with regards to scientific backing and ingredient supply chain. It allows us to ensure all of our products are properly tested and verified.” 

They also get their ingredients for their products fresh from the source. Whether that be from the grass-fed, free-range Irish cows that produce the milk in their whey protein isolate. Or, from the wild Alaskan salmon found in the pristine waters of the Northern Pacific to create their fish oil supplement.



personalize your morning wellness routine


They also make your wallet feel good! 


Because many of us are 20-something-year-olds, that are most likely in college, you’re probably concerned about the price. Well, to make you feel better, Care/of supplements cost about 20% less than the average supplements at health food stores! Not to mention, you can even opt out of purchasing some of their recommendations and add in your own. To make it even easier, if you choose to opt-out and need to pay less, Care/of will tell you which supplement you least likely need! That way, you don’t have to waste your money on something you’re either not interested in, or don’t 100% need!



What do I have in my Care/of Pack?


In my custom pack, I have Rhodiola, for fatigue and stress. Ashwagandha for healthy muscle development and toning. Calcium, for optimal bone and muscle health, also since I don’t eat a lot of dairy products. B-complex, for overall hair health, growth, and strength. Lastly, Iron because I am anemic from my body’s lack of iron.

Care/of has not only added a major boost of motivation for taking my supplements! They have also allowed me to create a well-balanced, personalized morning wellness routine that I now LOVE!


But, wait! It’s not only vitamins!


As you all know, I love anything that has to do with wellness and the latest wellness trends! Of course, in the most convenient and simplest ways possible! Since that is exactly what my website is all about! This is why I love that Care/of also includes protein powders (& in little, individual packet form!) And their adorable + amazing quick sticks! Which are just as simple as they sound, and perfect for those who want to up their wellness game on-the-go!

The benefits of their quick sticks range from anything from immunity (perfect for colder weather!) to digestion (your easy source for probiotics!) to energy (for that 2 pm workday slump!) There’s even a quick stick for improving your overall sleep and stress levels! Each of them also has its own delicious flavor, that way you can easily add it to your on-the-go water bottle!



care/of supplements


Personalize Your Morning Routine In the Cutest & Simplest Way Possible! 


Supplements are one of the easiest ways to up your wellness game (every day!) and become the healthiest version of YOU! And with Care/of, they are making the process of taking your daily vitamins and supplements even easier! Not to mention, for as long as I have been using Care/of, I can’t get over how cute their packaging is! It’s so neat how they include your name on each individual packet – making it more real and exciting! I mean, how’s that for personalization?! My supplements are set out on my kitchen counter by my coffee machine. Not only so that I remember to take them, but also because they create the perfect decor piece that inspires me to take my vitamins every single day!


Are you ready to personalize your morning routine and start your day off on a healthy foot? 


Take the quiz to find out which vitamin regime will work best for YOU! 


Until next time, I hope you have a beautiful day!

xo, Cydney


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