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15 Unique Gift Ideas Every Traveler Will Love

15 unique gift ideas

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It’s about that time of the year again where we are frantically trying to figure out what to gift our friends and family for Christmas! And for some of our loved ones, gift-giving can be very stressful, especially if you have travel lovers on the top of your gift-giving list. We all have that one friend or family member who loves to travel (or maybe you are that friend!) and we just never know what to give them. I mean, what do you give someone who appreciates experiences over items? Although people who love to travel tend to favor experiences over material things doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate a few, small items to add to their travel collection! With that, I collected 15 unique gift ideas every frequent traveler will need, love, and find very valuable to each of their extravagant trips!



15 unique gift ideas



1. Lifestraw filtered water bottle



Ensure the travel lover in your life stays hydrated on the road or in the airplane with a Lifestraw filtered water bottle! What I love about this water bottle specifically is the fact that it filters and purifies any water that is poured into it. It also protects against bacteria, parasites and microplastics, chlorine and organic chemical matter such as pesticides, herbicides.

All of which improves water taste as well! This incredible water bottle is every travel lover’s perfect companion! It is essential for every lover of hiking, camping, and traveling on your gift-giving list!


2. Travel wallet 


15 unique gift ideas every traveler will love


This is probably one of the best gifts that you can give to your friend who is obsessed with traveling! It is the most functional and useful wallet that every traveler will love and utalize to its fullest potential! This particular travel wallet has a slot for literally everything a frequent traveler may need. It has a slot for a passport, boarding pass, money (cash), cards, and a cell phone – to keep every traveler organized and prepared!


3. Portable charger 


15 unique gift ideas every traveler will love


A portable charger is a MUST for not only traveler lovers, but those who travel/drive long-distance in general! Nothing is worse than seeing your phone on low battery when you’re trying to get to your destination. Therefore, the travel lover on your list will greatly appreciate having a portable charger with them for emergencies or for their fellow travel buddies to use as well!


4. Neck pillow 


15 unique gift ideas every traveler will love


A neck pillow is definitely one of those items that every newbie flyer feels like they probably won’t need, but ends up wanting so bad the moment they try to fall asleep on the airplane! I know because that was definitely me the first time I flew overnight! With that, give the gift of comfort this year to the traveler on your list because, trust me, it’s one of those gifts they want, but don’t want to buy themselves! 😉


5. International travel plug adapter 


15 unique gift ideas every traveler will love

This little device was probably the most important item in my bag when I traveled to France last year. Frequent international travelers are definitely familiar with the hassle of trying to find a converter or adapter for dozens of different outlets around the world. Don’t let the travel lover in your life be without one of these little guys!

Because, depending on where you travel in the world, you will need a different converter for that country’s outlet. And what’s amazing about this handy travel gadget is that it has every power converter in one! Your travel friend will greatly appreciate this little, yet mighty, gift for their next international trip – and all of the ones after that!


6. Phone camera lens 


15 unique gift ideas every traveler will love

How cool are these?! With the rise of #iPhoneOnly photography, one of the best gifts for travelers you can buy is these badass smartphone lenses! Many people who travel don’t always want to carry around their heavy and bulky DSLR camera with them or risk bringing their expensive camera on an airplane.

Therefore, it makes so much more sense to accentuate your current iPhone camera that way you can take the greatest quality of pictures as possible! The camera on the newer models of the iPhone is honestly great quality on its own, but adding these smartphone camera lenses will give your pictures a quick and easy boost!


7. Travel books 


15 unique gift ideas every traveler will love  

For any travel-lover or even book-enthusiast in your life, this is the perfect gift to give! My friend actually gave me that “111 places in Paris that you shouldn’t miss” book when I went to Paris last year in June – and I loved it! I think specific destination books are perfect for those who are visiting a certain country or state and need a little extra inspiration or a few more ideas on what to see or do while they’re there!

Along with that, travel books are the ultimate motivators to give your friends who are wanting to travel in the future! Or even for those who love to read about certain places, get lost in the beautiful pictures, and transport themselves to another place without actually traveling!


8. Compass necklace


Everyone loves the look of a simple, statement necklace that you can wear whenever and wherever. And what better gift idea for any travel lover than a compass necklace that they can wear with them on every trip? Plus, you can never go wrong with jewelry!


9. Scratch off world map 

I love this idea! Get your travel-loving friend a scratch-off world map this holiday so they can mark off all the places they have been to around the world. Not only does it make a great wall decoration, but it makes traveling even more exciting when you can mark off a new destination!


10. Nintendo switch 

15 unique gift ideas every traveler will love

This gift may be more on the pricer side, however, anyone who spends a lot of their time in a car or on a plane will truly love the Nintendo Switch, and use it any chance they can! It provides hours of entertainment and it’s a blessing when you’re trying to survive a long-haul flight.

In fact, I bought this for my boyfriend last year for Christmas and he loves it! He used it on the plane traveling from Michigan to New Jersey and he said it was perfect for making the time go by faster.


11. Travel espresso maker 



If you are a total coffee snob like me then you are going to love and NEED this tiny Nanopresso Travel Espresso Maker! Or, if you are thinking about what to get your travel-loving, coffee-addicted BFF for Christmas, then this is the perfect gift for them! This travel espresso maker is a teeny tiny little hand-powered espresso machine, complete with a cup.

It’s as powerful as it is portable. Just add ground coffee, hot water and pump away! It’s essential for your favorite coffee snob! They can simply throw it in their bag or suitcase for a weekend getaway or an international trip!


12. Noise-canceling headphones 


15 unique gift ideas every traveler will love


Noise-canceling headphones are always a great gift idea, but especially for a frequent traveler! This is the perfect accessory that any traveler will greatly appreciate when they find themselves on a very noisy plane, long car trips, bus, or train!


13. Pro nano hairdryer 


15 unique gift ideas every traveler will love


This was definitely something I wished I had brought with me on my first trip to Europe! We stayed in three different hotels and in each room we stayed in, we didn’t have access to a hairdryer. Therefore, as soon as I got home, I made sure that I bought a small, travel-friendly hairdryer to take with me on my next trip!

You never know if there will be a hairdryer accessible in each hotel that you stay in. And even if there is a hairdryer in the hotel bathroom, you never know if the hairdryer will work well enough for you. All of my fellow ladies with thick hair know what I’m talking about!


14. Packing cubes


15 unique gift ideas every traveler will love


Packing cubes are essential for the messy, perhaps last-minute, traveler! It’s the best way to keep your luggage organized and keeping your pants and t-shirts wrinkle-free. Therefore, this is the perfect gift to give to not only travel lovers, but those who often travel a lot for work as well!


15. In-flight beauty gift set  



Every avid traveler knows how dry the air is on airplanes! Therefore, frequent flyers will love this skincare gift set which comes with a hydrating lip balm and other various lotions to keep your skin moisturized and looking healthy during the flight!


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Are there any items that you would add to this list?

Let me know in the comments!

xo, Cydney


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