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I'm Cydney Marlene.

I'm so happy you are here! My main mission of this blog is to share with you my best tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you improve your everyday life and survive your 20's stress-free, happy, and healthy! I'm obsessed with all things wellness, coffee, dogs, and helping others live their happiest and healthiest lives!

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5 Wellness Goals Every 20-Something-Year Old Should Make

wellness goals

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The new year is right around the corner! And typically, self-love, health, and self-improvement all seem to be at the top of everyone’s resolution list. Because “new year, new you,” am I right? However, like many resolutions, it can be easy to go into them at full force, but then sadly start to fall off the wagon or the path as the year moves forward. With that, try making it a new resolution goal to focus on smaller, more achievable, and sustainable goals that you can work on all throughout the entire year! Instead of stressing yourself out with a long list of huge self-improvements. To help you get started I put together 5 of my top wellness goals that are maintainable and effective, which will lead you down the path of success, health, and happiness! 🤗



wellness goals every women should make



1. Prioritize sleep 


I mean, who doesn’t wish they could get more sleep? Unfortunately, we’re becoming even more and more sleep-deprived as society pushes the pressures to accomplish more, achieve more, and ultimately do more every single day. This year, however, that’s not the kind of more we want to focus on and keep as our wellness goal. Therefore, I am giving you absolute permission to rest more and give yourself a much-needed break!

And the added benefits of more rest?? More energy, more alertness, more productivity, more happiness, more health, and a much better mood overall. All and all, sleep is definitely a superpower that most of us want more of this year! With that, as we are reminded of the powerful benefits of sleep for our body, mind, and overall well-being, here are some extra little tips on how to effectively achieve more sleep…


  • You’re more than likely all too familiar with a morning alarm. With that, have you ever tried setting an evening alarm to signal when it’s time to wind down? It honestly can be very helpful! If you have a smartphone, I highly suggest using the app Headspace. It allows you to pick a specific time (8 pm for example) that you want to begin winding down for the evening, and the app sends you a notification every night to do just that. It’s like a gentle nudge that reminds you when to start getting ready for bed. While also not having to set a loud alarm.

  • With that, be consistent with the time you fall asleep and the time that you wake up each morning. The same goes for on the weekends as well! Remember, consistency is always the key. For not only quality sleep but for helping you fall asleep easier, stay asleep longer, feel refreshed the next morning, and be prepared mentally and physically for your day ahead.

  • Try practicing simple and effective forms of self-care before bed. This will act as a reminder to start winding down for the evening as well. Try taking a relaxing Epsom salt bath or making yourself a warm cup of tea. Whatever is helpful in order for you to calm your mind and practically prepare yourself for sleep!


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2. Find the fun in fitness


Make it your new goal this upcoming year to find ways to get fit that are fun to you. If you find yourself getting bored or feeling unenthused about your workouts, then don’t force yourself to do them. At least not effectively! Instead, stop listening to any “rules” or other unhealthy and unrealistic advice that many people (social media included) tend to bombard you with.

Find what works best for you and your wellness goals! Whether it’s kickboxing, taking a dance class, hiking, or running while listening to your favorite podcast or playlist, let this year be the year that you finally find enjoyment from exercise! You will notice how much easier it is to stay consistent with working out on a regular basis. Also, you will be amazed at what exercising from a place of enjoyment and admiration can do for your physical and mental wellbeing.


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3. Monitor your mindset


Think about the way you talk to yourself throughout the day. There is no doubt that we are our own worst critics. However, try to commit to doing your best to stop listening to any negative self-talk! Simply because our thoughts and inner dialogue do become our reality. When you’re thinking negatively about yourself, you’re subconsciously putting negative emotions and energies out into the universe and into the people and places around you.

With that, make monitoring your mindset one of your top New Year wellness goals! Give yourself grace and spend time observing how you talk to yourself when you look in the mirror, while you exercise, while you’re at work, while you’re eating, and when you’re stressed. Start by developing an awareness of your negative inner critic as immediately as possible, and stop it in its tracks as quickly as you can. Flip any negative, unhealthy thoughts into positive, loving self-affirmations by focusing on appreciation for every part of your body and every characteristic that makes you, you! Once you shift your negative thoughts, your life will shift for the better right along with it!



4. Learn to love the “now”


This is definitely something that I really need to work on, and I feel that many other 20-something-year-olds need to hear it too. Sit back for a second and ask yourself: how many of your thoughts today have been devoted to either the future or the past? If you’re like most in society, especially in your 20s and 30s, then you probably spend a lot of time stressing out about your future or fretting about old mistakes or embarrassments from the past. And although we may want to believe that we’re focused solely on the present, the truth is many of us aren’t.

Numerous studies have shown that being present can help us achieve greater happiness and much better focus on our day to day life. Therefore, make it a habit and a committed wellness goal to start appreciating present moments. Allow yourself to stop and smell the flowers so to speak. Be grateful for what you have right now and don’t let the stress of the future overpower the beauty of the journey that it takes to get there.


5. Make self-love your new focus and passion


Personally, I believe that self-worth and self-love are on everyone’s list of the top wellness goals they want to achieve. I also believe that this can be defined differently by every individual person. However, many of us can agree that practicing self-love can sometimes be very difficult, especially in times when we face serious challenges and setbacks. It’s important to remember that self-love is not the same as self-care. If you are in a place where you don’t love yourself, it can be very hard to just automatically switch and become someone who does. Self-love takes practice and consistent hard work.

Try setting aside time each day, just as you would for exercise, to practice self-love. Surround yourself with loving, positive people who make you feel good about yourself. In other words, let go of anyone who is considered toxic and is a “thief of joy” – Michael Scott!

Focus on being someone who loves and spreads kindness and positivity to everyone they encounter. Spend time alone, free of comparison and judgment, and put your energy towards nourishing your soul and constructing your path.

Don’t worry about anyone else. Instead, think of it as if you’re dating yourself. Take yourself out on solo dates, treat yourself, talk kindly to yourself in the mirror, and practice taking small, baby steps to create the life you long for. Don’t do it for anyone else, practicing doing things that build you up and energize you from the inside out!


What did you think of these ideas?

Do you have any wellness goals of your own? 

Let me know in the comments!

xo, Cydney


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