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How To Easily Make Friends At Work

how to easily make friends at work

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One of the hardest and most daunting things about starting a new job is making friends at work! Especially if you currently moved away from your previous state or even country for this new job. There’s nothing more awkward than sitting alone at lunch on your first day pretending that your phone is more interesting than talking to other people. But it happens or has happened to many of us! In general, making new friends as an adult can be tough.

Therefore, work can be an amazing way to find new friends (a super common interest!), but it’s also not the easiest thing. Everyone deserves to feel happy and comfortable at work. And for many people, having co-workers that you consider to be close friends is a massive part of that. If you are struggling with making friends at work, try these 3 tips. And before you know, you’ll be a social butterfly on the job!



how to easily make friends at work


1. Open up about yourself and make the first move


Remember that at work, your colleagues have likely been working together for a long time! Therefore, don’t get offended if you are not included right away. It’s up to you to make the first move and open up about yourself in the very beginning. Personally, I think that one-on-one interactions are the easiest when I’m first meeting someone. Not to mention, they are way less stressful than facing a large group of most of your co-workers!

With that, I like to ask people to get drinks, go to lunch, or go to a workout class – because these are all things I like to do! But once you find out some common interests, make the first move and ask someone to hang out! Once you get that one on one interaction, it will be easier to get in with a group.


2. Find any common interests 


Along with making the first move, one of the best ways to make friends is to look for common interests. Do people at your job like to work out? Walk during their break? Get happy hour? The sooner you can figure out what this is, the easier it will be to ask others to get together.

When you ask someone to do an activity, such as go to a workout class, attend a concert, or get drinks, it gives you common ground for discussion. This allows the first meeting to be not as stressful, especially if you are a shy person.

Share your passions, hobbies, etc. and open up about who you are and what you love to do. Along with that, be sure to ask your fellow co-workers about their favorite hobbies or what they like to do outside of work.


3. Give yourself some grace 


If you don’t make any new friends right away at work, don’t stress at all about it! This is perfectly normal, and just remember that everything takes time. It’s better to gradually ease into a group than to force yourself in a conversation and specific friend group right away.

Just remember, having friends at work is not an end all be all. You will find your place and the people you enjoy being around with, in time. Give yourself some grace and don’t try to force it. Just follow these three steps and you are on your way, my friend!


Do you have any tips on how to make new friends at work? 

Either from your personal experience or maybe a close friend of yours?

I would love to hear them!

xo, Cydney


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