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Happy Monday! Today’s post is for gift guide #11: Gifts for him. However, all of these gifts are under $5o, so they are a total steal! With that, let’s get into them!       1. KRUPS Precision Coffee Grinder – Any coffee lover will truly appreciate this gift!  2. Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Keeps your water cold […]

Gift Guide #11: Gifts For Him (Under $50)

Gift Guide #11: Gifts For Him (Under $50)

Unsure of what to get your coworker(s) this holiday season? I have you covered with gift guide #9: for your favorite coworker! All of these ideas are perfect whether you’re selecting a specific person, or if you’ve been given the name of a random coworker for a Secret Santa gift. With that, let’s get into […]

Gift Guide #9: For Your Coworker

Gift Guide #9: For Your Coworker

Happy December 1st! Today’s post is for gift guide #7: for the clean freak on your list! We all have someone on our list (my mom, haha) whether they are a family member or a friend who would greatly appreciate these gifts! Let’s get into them!     1. Electric Cordless Spin Mop – Most of our […]

Gift Guide #7: For The Clean Freak

Gift Guide #7: For The Clean Freak

Happy Monday! Today’s post is for gift guide #6 for the coffee lover on your list this year! Or, if you’re anything like me, these might just be the gifts you’ll be buying for yourself, haha! Let’s dive in!     1. Copper French Press – This is the one I have and it works great! I […]

Gift Guide #6: For The Coffee Lover

Gift Guide #6: For The Coffee Lover

Today’s post is for gift guide #2: for the traveler/adventurer on your list this year! I love all of the products and have found them incredibly helpful in recent trips! Whether I’m traveling by plane or car.     1.Carry-on Rolling Suitcase – This is such great luggage that contains so many pockets and compartments for […]

Gift Guide #2: For The Traveler

Gift Guide #2: For The Traveler

This is such a busy season for traveling and it can be hard to stay healthy with all of the hustle and bustle. So for today’s post, I’m going to share my best tips to stay healthy as Christmas and New Year is just around the corner! Whether you are traveling by plane/car or staying […]

How I Stay Healthy While Traveling

how to stay healthy while traveling

This gift guide is for the hygge and self-care guru on your list this year! But, what does hygge mean? Hygge: (pronounced “Hoo-ga”)a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture). This is for the person on your list who is […]

Gift Guide For The Hygge & Self-Care Guru

gift guide for the hygge and self care guru

This gift guide is for the minimalist and environmentalist on your list this year! Or even for the person who claims they “don’t want anything.” These 5 items below are perfect anyone who is looking to improve their overall health and wellness and make an impactful difference to help the environment!   1 / 2 […]

Gift Guide For The Minimalist On Your List

gift guide for the minimalist

This is the gift guide for the personal development junkie on your list this year! Or for the future CEO who loves all things self-improvement! This list contains 6 things that they are sure to be ecstatic about, use daily, and greatly appreciate this holiday season! With that, let’s get into the list! 1 / […]

Gift Guide For The Personal Development Junkie

gift guide for the personal development junkie

The holiday season is upon us, which means significantly more spending—and more potential to encounter financial trouble. Because of the emotional play many retailers use to get you to buy from their stores, it’s important to be overly mindful of your spending during this time. Thankfully, enjoying the holidays and saving money (or at least […]

6 Effortless Ways To Save Money During The Holidays

6 effortless ways to save money during the holidays

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